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Your Questions About Ge Profile Refrigerator Repair

Donald asks…

I am buying a refrigerator, I need your help! Please?

Hello there 🙂
I am buying a refrigerator but I am so confused about which brand to buy..
My options are:
GE Profile

Please give me your feedback/suggestions based on personal experience or warn me if one of above brands is terrible. Please help! Thank you!!!

James Conley answers:

I would stay away from any appliance made by GE – when we were looking at appliances more than one salesperson steered us away from them because of their repair record.

I don’t know anyone who owns Samsung, but every one I know who owns Kitchenaid appear to be happy with them.

Laura asks…

Refrigerator~Freezer on Bottom~~GE or Kitchenaid?

Our Maytag has been a lemon since it was purchased! It has been repaired many times and we are ready to trash it! We are deciding between a GE Profile or a Kitchenaid that we’ve found great deals on. They are both freezer on the bottom style with a regular door on the top (not french door). Any recommendations between the two?? Thanks!! :O)

James Conley answers:

I deal in real estate and thus have purchased quite a few refrigerators. I could give you thoughts on the two refrigerators you mentioned but they were not this years models. Each year they usually update any problem areas but many times it will create a problem elsewhere. My best suggestion is to call a refrigerator repairman and ask him which refrigerator he wouldn’t buy. They always buy the best one because they work on them all day and don’t want to work on them when they get home.

Best of luck!

Betty asks…

Refrigerator not working, freezer is fine?

My refrigerator is not working. The top area is at about 60 degrees (it’s been about 70 – 75 in the house). The bottom part seems cold.

Last time this happened the freezer was not working either. This time it seems to be working fine. There are two vents in the fridge from the freezer, the freezer side was iced over yesterday. There was something next to it, I moved the item and cleared the ice. Doesn’t seem to help.

This is a GE Profile fridge… Any ideas? I can’t really afford a new one but I spent a lot of money having this one repaired last fall so it may end up being cheaper to buy a new one than to pay to repair this one again.
There is one vent I found out of the freezer, at the top (it’s a side-by-side fridge), and two entry vents into the fridge – one at the top and one at the bottom by the fresh food trays. I cleared the ice out of the top vent with a knife and was able to stick it all the way through… Should there be a fan in there?

James Conley answers:

Check..freezer fan working? If its ok may be ref not defrosting,need to check heater or timer.

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