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Your Questions About Ge Appliance Repair Warranty

Michael asks…

What is the name of the CEO for General Electric Consumer & Industrial division? GE sold me a broken washer!?

I bought a new GE washing machine in January of 2007 and it now needs MAJOR repairs 6 months later. GE is sending a repair person to “patch it up” this week, but declines to replace the faulty machine if a “fix” will do the job instead.

I dont think its fair (or lawful) to sell a broken machine (for $500) and not replace it if a MAJOR repair is needed within 6 months of purchase.

So who is the CEO for this rip-off company?
Acemill your answer is pathetic…writing letters is the best way to get things done in this type of situation lol. Man up and grow a back-bone…persistance is paramount in all things luv.

James Conley answers:

I worked in the appliance sales and service industry for some time (but it’s been a few years) and there are ways to get your machine replaced as I saw it done several times. The sales rep who services the store you bought it from can make it happen. You just have to loudly complain to the store and demand demand demand. The other contributor is right, the warranty does not cover replacement of the machine, only to have it repaired and returned to normal working condition. I repaired new appliances less than one day old and those people didn’t get new replacement machines. When you say it needs MAJOR repair, the major of all repairs would be to replace the transmission which is no big deal in that machine (if it is a top loader). I could change one out in 30 minutes so never considered it a major repair (although it may sound like it is). It is understandable to be upset having to have service on a machine only 6 months old but that is why they provide warranties, to repair it in those rare instances when something fails after a short time. I would give them the opportunity to repair it and if it continues to cause you problems press the store to have the GE rep authorize a no cost exchange (it costs the store nothing and you nothing, only GE).

Donna asks…

whirpool,kenmore,frigidare,ge what is nameis the best?

James Conley answers:

Each brand you have mentioned are all very good. They have all built a reputation in the US and foreign markets as a modern, dependable names on which you can rely and depend on. Over the years as markets change, some appliance companies were bought out by other brands, or simply merged. For example May-tag, Jenn-Air, Kitchen Aid are all companies related to the Whirlpool cooperation.
If I were to buy one the for-named brands I would take the following steps into account.
1 . Price.
2 . Warranty.
3 . Efficiency.
4 . Aesthetics.
5 . Out of pocket repairs.
When it comes to kitchen appliance Kenmore and Frigidaire are the more popular. Most people associate The Whirlpool Brand with bathtubs. If i were buying appliances for my kitchen, I would stick with Kenmore or Frigidaire for the simple fact of dependability and a name that has proven itself over the years.

Jenny asks…

How to get best deals on appliances?

James Conley answers:

My best recommendation for a great deal–avoid GE and Home Depot. GE cost us a ton of time and money in repairs (our dishwasher only lasted for 5 loads). Home Depot doesn’t help you much with the purchase and the reps are actually so ill informed they could invalidate your warranty (it almost happened to us). My best suggestion is to save all the ads from the paper and ask a reliable dealer to price match. We got our best appliance (the only one that didn’t break right away) asking for a price match from a reliable dealer.

Again, avoid Home Depot and GE.

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