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Your Questions About Ge Appliance Repair Warranty

Joseph asks…

I need a washer and dryer for my flat/small home.?

i do not have hook-ups. i heard of haier combo washer/dryers. Are they good. Does anyone have recommendations or resources. Are there any ventless or any washer/dryer appliances with the standard electric plug. I am so tired of going to coin laundry places.

James Conley answers:

Yeah there are some haier combo units that you can buy. The biggest drawback is that they can be very very small… About 2.4 cubic feet which is a little bigger than a big microwave. You cant really fit a lot in it. Another big drawback is that their customer service is very difficult to get a hold of. I worked at the appliance department at best buy and i needed warranty repair information on a mini fridge and i couldnt find their phine number anywhere. I had to email their customer service and wait 3 days for a number that worked in the united states. Anyway, there is an lg unit that is pretty big. It fits a pretty huge load. Drawback on that one is the price (2 grand regular price but usually on sale). The other is that the loads take about 4 or 5 hrs cuz theres no vent on it and its only running on 120 volts with no gas so its pretty much spinning dry. Other than that i would recommend a stackable unit. But stear clear of the frigidaire and the GE. Hope it helps… And good luck

Jenny asks…

My GE profile fridge goes off by itself?

Hi i just bought a new Ge Profile Fridge, side by side, the first week was perfect, but yesterday we came back home and we found the fridge with the diplay in off and we had to throw away all the food.
Today did the same thing another time.
Can you help me?
Thank You

James Conley answers:

Sounds like you have a bad board you need to call 1-800 GE CARES and get a certified ge appliance repair person in to look at it under GE warranty. It does have a 1 year warranty and it should not be doing that at all

Nancy asks…

Do you own any GE appliances?

Frig, Stove, dishwasher, washer & dryer etc. Are you satisfied with them?

James Conley answers:

Unfortunately yes,a piece of trash they refer to as a refrigerator. Am I satisfied? Am I satisfied paying $700 plus to have it fixed within the three short years we have owned it? And that was twice. That of course was right after the warranty ended. Yeah, I will be satisfied when I see the Garbage Truck picking it up to put it into their truck! I can’t believe GE would sell such a hunk of junk and then hid the fact it was on their recall list. Oh they covered that fact up real quick, they removed that information from the web site the day it posted. What a piece of trash,
when it gets hot outside, the freezer quits! Yep, when the outside temperatures go up, the freezer won’t work. I guess that’s why it is called a “Money Saver”!
Oh, I almost forgot the lovely dishwasher! That damn thing broke down following the refrigerators. I will not spend what little bit of money I have ,to repair another piece of trash made by GE.They got enough of it already.
Sorry, you were just in the line of fire and got my bullets! Thanks, I got it off of my chest now. LOl

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