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Your Questions About Ge Appliance Repair Parts

Nancy asks…

What is the most likely culprit for an intermittent squeal when using my GE Profile electric clothes dryer?

My clothes dryer squeals intermittently when in use. I took it apart today and the noise seems to be coming from the drum rear bearing. I plan on buying a new bearing but just wanted to put the question out there in case someone knows of a different possibility for the sound.

James Conley answers:

You don’t say how old your machine is. However, following the link below to this great appliance repair site. The link takes you directly to someone who described your exact problem You will see the parts and their costs. Also, there is another link below the parts pictures that will take you to step by step diagrams for disassembling your machine and fixing it.

Dryers are the not complicated to fix or repair for the average home do it yourself-er. There is no reason that a dryer shouldn’t last 10 to 15 years. I have taken mine down the base and replaced rollers, belts, bearings, etc. The parts aren’t expensive and the repair shouldn’t be to hard with some basic skills and hand tools. If it is the bearings, it will take about 1 1/2 hours to tear the machine down, replaced the worn parts, and put it back together. Be sure to clean all link for the interior of the cabinet while you have it torn down. I would replace the belt at the same time.


Jenny asks…

My GE front load washing machine constantly drains water into the drum. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

When the washer is turned off water still drains into the drum.

James Conley answers:

I don’t understand your question. Are you saying that the water keeps running into the drum when the washer is off? That’s probably an inlet valve. If that isn’t what’s going on, post a model number and a more detailed question.

***Yep, it’s most likely the inlet valve. It’s the plastic-body thing that the water hoses attach to. If one of the solenoids fail, it can stick open. Take your model number to an appliance parts store or one of the internet sites, such as Repair Clinc or Sears Pars Direct.

Paul asks…

On buying a new Fridge, Oven, and Dishwasher…?

We are building a new house and I need to go buy a new Fridge, Oven and Dishwasher. I want to get all stainless steel appliances (preferably a matte finish). I’d like a glass top oven. What are some features I should make sure these items have?

James Conley answers:

That’s a tough question to answer as it requires some speculation. Having gone through this about a year ago, all I can do to provide any sort of reasonable answer is to examine your budget, and buy products that have as many “bells and whistles” i.e. Features that you yourself judge as necessary.

When comparing one model to another (within the same brand) you’ll often find that you will have the same fundamental “drive” parts in model Y as Model Z. Model Z, however, having more features will yield a higher price.

Decide what you really require in features, beyond a good solidly-built appliance, and let your pocket book be your guide.

Remember too, that added features, particularly in the electronics of all new appliances add complexity to the product, and eventually will be costlier to repair when the warranty expires.

My first choice in appliances has always been Whirlpool, they are a “top-of-the-line” brand name in kitchens and laundries all over the USA. They are, however, generally costlier than GE and similar brands.

A friend of mine in the appliance repair business did tell me one (unbiased) thing prior to my purchases. He said, stay away from LG products despite their appeal. He told me that the average cost to repair an LG appliance is 1/2 again to double that of virtually every other brand name appliance.

Good Luck on your purchase, and congratulations !!

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