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Your Questions About Ge Appliance Repair Parts

Paul asks…

Why does my stove heat very slowly?

I have a GE Profile stove that’s 5 years old and it recently has taken substantial amounts of time to heat up the slightest amount of degrees. We haven’t had any trouble with this stove before, but I’m very concerned about what’s going on now.

I just set it on Self Clean and it heated up 80 degrees in minutes, so I’m wondering if it has something to do with the circuitry. If anyone could provide any information on this, I would be so greatful.

Thank you in advance.

James Conley answers:

More than likely you have the bake element out. That is if it is an electric range. If it is gas then you have an igniter out. Go to look up parts you can either purchase thru sears or call around to your local appliance parts store. Both are easy fixes. If every thing is turning red or lighting up, then the t-stat or sensor is bad. Look up parts at sears website. If that doesn’t work, then you need a repair man.

Chris asks…

What could be wrong with my dryer?

When I go to press start it makes a sound but doesn’t turn on its like a hum than off. I tried unplugging it and changing settings. Is it worth calling a repair person? How much do you think it would cost if i did? Its a GE and only 3 years old.

James Conley answers:

Perhaps you have a broken belt? Open up the bottom and look. Lots of appliance parts websites give you diagrams. It is not hard to change. Send me your model # and I will look up the diagram for you if you wish. Unless you run a laundry or have ten kids only getting 3 years is a disgrace. Mine is from the 70s. Just unplug it before looking. If it is an electric instead of gas try resetting the two breakers in the electric panel.

Donna asks…

What could be causing my GE profile washing machine to leak water?

It’s not coming from the hoses…already checked that. Seems to be coming out from the bottom of the unit while it’s washing a load. I think it might be during the spin cycle…

James Conley answers:

Had the same thing happen to my Maytag.
Mystery water on the floor, only after washing clothes.
It is the gasket under the tub, where the tub sets on the motor spindle.
If you go to an appliance parts store, there is a “tub wrench”, that you use to take the large nut off. Remove the tub, and replace the gasket.
I paid $18 for the wrench about 8 years ago.
Repair took about 45 minutes.

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