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Your Questions About Ge Appliance Repair Number

William asks…

GE dryer will not start….any suggestions?

The start switch is fine, i can hear it try to start the dryer. The dryer spins manually, but will not start. Initially it stopped working and I manually turned the barrell and then it was fine for 2 loads and then it stopped working again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Model # DBL333EA0WW

James Conley answers:

Hi Wickkeda;

This is Mike, with The Home Depot. For an answer to your question, I went to www.appliance

Here is their possible solution to your problem.

“In some machines, if the drum is not turning, there will be no noise or other external symptoms. The clothes will simply be laying there in a big wet lump and they won’t dry. The dryer probably won’t sound normal either. To diagnose, start the machine empty, open the door and look inside quickly, or depress the door switch to see if the drum is turning. If not, the belt or belt tensioner may be broken”.

The problem could also be in the door switch, or its’ wiring. You’ll have to do some troubleshooting, but I think you’re on the right track. So go to www.appliance, it is a very good resource.

If you still have a problem, you can go to GE and click on service and support. There you can e-mail them or call their toll free 800 number for assistance. I have included the links below.

I hope this information helps you solve your problem.

Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

Daniel asks…

washing machine faults?

i have a hotpoint washing machine about 14 months old and is extremely noisy when on full spin. i thought maybe it might be a bearing but it is very quiet when just washing, or if you just turn the drum by hand.any ideas
the noise is probably like a train for want of a better description and it is front loading

James Conley answers:

What is your model number? If you has a certain model number some of those have a inner tub problem. When you turn the tub by hand does the tub wobble? If so yours is one of these that GE had a problem with the hub nut. The nut is loose and there is a fix. You would need to get an appliance repair person in your area that is authorized by GE to repair your unit. If you continue to use it and it is one of these models you will eventually need a motor and or control board. I wouldn’t use it until it is checked. Also, when you check the inner basket, the wobble I am talking about is only the inner tub not the entire unit as it hangs on suspense rods. So just the basket when the clothes go. If you need more info I will help. Good Luck

David asks…

temp dial on stove broke how to fix it cant get temp under 500?

it is a older ge turn dial and you cant tell what the temp is

James Conley answers:

If the temperature control dial is really “broke”, as you put it, then it needs to be replaced. There’s no repair for these switches. You’ll need the brand, which you know and the model number, which you can probably find on the front edge of the cabinet, around the rim of the oven opening, or around the broiler (pan drawer) opening, then call a major appliance parts supplier for the part. If your unit is ten years old or more, I’d suggest a new range. It’s a good possibility that the part isn’t even available any more.

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