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Your Questions About Ge Appliance Repair Number

Mark asks…

Help! Which brand oven is better? Whirlpool, Frigidaire, GE, Maytag?

Also, any features I should aim for. I see that some have “Delay bake” and some have “custom broil…” What is “custom broil” by the way? Thanks for any input. Have never bought an oven before.

James Conley answers:

Better look up complaints about each one, and I just bought an oven so I did some research stay clear of GE. When you do go to purchase an appliance take your cell phone with you, do not listen to what the salesperson says IF they work on commission they will tell you anything you want to hear to sell you anything. Next look or ask about a phone number for customer service, call the number on the box and see what kind of “Service” you will or will not get, everyone hates the outsource thing too. THEN call a few repair shops ask then what they think of the kind of oven you picked out, are there repairmen to work on that paticular brand? Parts readily available, or does it take up to 6 weeks to get parts? I don’t know what the custom broil means, I think you can safely ask the salesperson this one. If customer service answers and they tell you to leave a name and phone number I would just hang up, they will NOT call you back………Be sure you check the warrantee what exactly do they pay and no pay if the oven breaks down. They usually pull the “We don’t pay for the service call, nor repairman crap”…..Do a search under complaints about which ever name of oven you are wanting to buy, check recalls too….. Let’s say the stores have 30 oven in the back room and there is a recall, they will not pull the oven, lets the customer buy it and let them find out, and pay…NO, NO, NO…and yes this is pulled.

Michael asks…

My oven won’t turn on?

My oven recently stopped working. The stove stop still works but the Bake and Broil settings both don’t work for the oven. I tried searching for solutions but I couldn’t really find any that worked for me. Linked is 3 pictures of my oven, it’s a GE Spectra from 1998 Model number JGBP40BEC3WH
Here’s the pics

James Conley answers:

Your pictures did not work for me. However I do have a GE much older so things change so figure out differences…. At the back of my stove where the control knobs and clock are. They sit about an additional 2 inches higher than the stove top in a vertical position. My stove is yellow . So the underside of the controls is a 2 inch wide yellow strip.
. If you feel in the upper corners of the strip you will feel little hooks or bends in the metal.. Use your pointer finger and pull on it. The yellow strip is a panel held in with spring clips so it snaps out.
Then you see a swack of fuses (just like those in a fuse box) Check them to make sure one is not burnt out. This is the cheapest route to go.
Otherwise the control knob may be worn out and you would have to replace that. Which is a hell of a lot more work than just changing a fuse. Go to an appliance repair shop with all the information about your stove and they should be able to find a control in their stock. Expect dollars in cost.

Helen asks…

Whirlpool Calypso Washing Machine?

The touchpads on my washer just stopped. One cycle worked perfectly, then when it was time to do another load, all the touchpads were dead. I tried unplugging, plugging in a different outlet, checked the circuit breaker. No success. Any ideas?

James Conley answers:

I’ve got a Kenmore that’s almost the same as your Whirlpool. It’s either the circuit board (motherboard) or the touch pad itself. You can get both at by putting in your model number. I’ve used them before with great results. If you’re not comfortable working with electronics, call a repair company.

BTW, we’ve had enough trouble with our Kenmore and Whirlpool appliances that we’ll never buy one again. Before Sears and Whirlpool we had GE for years with only one problem. Unless someone can give us a better brand, we’ll go back to GE as these wear out.

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