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Your Questions About Ge Appliance Repair Number

Sandy asks…

GE Dryer will only tumble if I manually spin it!?

I have a GE dryer. If I push the start button, it only hums, however if I push the door button and manually push the barrel, it will catch on and spin (but only if I put a couple of items in at a time, if it is too heavy it won’t spin, even if I manually start it). Please help. Is it the belt or the motor that’s going out on me? Thanks in advance!!
Yep, heating is working just fine… 🙂

James Conley answers:

Why in gods name does everyone think this is expensive on mechanical dryers and washers lol. The only expensive appliances are new ones with ccu’s and mcu’s. A belt dear will cost about 30 bucks or less. Get model number and seriel number inside door on frame of cabnit. Call your manufacture of dryer and get parts number. Go on ebay and buy the belt. You can or someone else can watch a how to video on youtube for this and have it done in 20 minutes flat with a cost of belt. All the tools youll need is a cordless drill with a 1/4″ nut driver or hand nut driver and #2 philips(most common number) and the belt and how to video. Im a technician for laundry residential and commercial and on a scale of 1-5 on hardness of repair its about a 3. Good luck and look on ebay for belt. Now if its not your belt then its the motor. Easiest way to tell is to tug on the belt it should be taught with little slop and not cracked or frayed.

Ruth asks…

finite math- minAn appliance repair shop has 5 vacuum cleaners, 12 TV sets, and?

An appliance repair shop has 5 vacuum cleaners, 12 TV sets, and
18 VCRs to be repaired. The store employs two part-time repairmen. One repairman can
repair one vacuum cleaner, three TV sets, and three VCRs in 1 week, while the second
repairmen can repair one vacuum cleaner, two TV sets and six VCRs in 1 week. The first
employee is paid $250 a week and the second employee is paid $220 a week. To
minimize the cost, how many weeks should each of the two repairmen be employed?

James Conley answers:

X = number of weeks for first repairman
y = number of weeks for second

x + y ? 5
3x + 2y ? 12
3x + 6y ? 18

graph to get the corner points
the corner points are (2,3) and (4,1)

z(x,y) = 250x + 220y
z(2,3) = 1160
z(4,1) = 1220
x = 2, y = 3

Robert asks…

What’s the best electric dryer?

I am looking to buy a new dryer, my one year old 1000 dollar whirlpool duet is broken. The part for it is $328 and they want $45 per half hour to put it in( I was 12 days out of service and whirlpool told me to shove it, they will not send the part for free). I really want a good dryer that has a big capacity and will last a while, not asking for 20 years just more than one. Oh and remember I need it to be electric.

James Conley answers:

Any dryer will do it isn’t the dryer that works the hardest it is the washer if the washer spins out the water really good then the dryer will do. Roper, GE, Frigidaire, Maytag have a large capacity dryer that is electric Roper and GE are probably cheaper than anything else. Go to Lowes. Oh and what part is bad on washer? You can purchase the part yourself and have your repair man put it in. He might not guarantee the work because you purchased the part, but it might save you a lot of money. $90/hour is not that bad. My company charges $60/hour, but I live in a very rural area of North Carolina. Get your model number go to and look up the part. You can call round to local appliance parts stores or buy directly from sears themselves.

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