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Your Questions About Ge Appliance Repair Manuals

Carol asks…

GE oven gives F1 error code and beeps after 30mins of cooking & after the oven is turned off. Model# JKP13GOP?

Any suggestions?

James Conley answers:

It sounds like you need to call a qualified professional electrician who specializes in appliance repairs. Read the owners manual and find out what the F1 code means. My sears unit did the same thing. Call the serviceman.

Michael asks…

Looking for a repair manual, for GE Dishwasher, would prefer, a download. (FREE)?

James Conley answers:

The two links below are a start. Since I don’t have a GE Model number I couldn’t look at the info to see what the give you, but with your model number you should be able to get an operating manual, probably a pdf.

You can then look at the parts location. Again you need a model number but I am guessing you can get blow apart drawings of each piece. Many time this is all you need to disassemble an appliance. Good luck.

Mandy asks…

I’m looking for a GE manual for a built in range. Serial #SV653595G.?

Not for repair but an operational manual. Model #JK140R4WH

James Conley answers:

I actually work for Sears doing troubleshooting for appliances. I also have limited access to some of GE’s internal systems. And I’m showing that JK140R4WH may not be a valid model number. Double check it and then may be able to find the manual at either of these sites:

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