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Your Questions About Ge Appliance Repair Manuals

William asks…

My Kenmore Model 110 Clothes Washer stopped working. What do I need to fix it?

My brother deals with Maytags and told me that the belt broke but when I looked underneath the Kenmore does not have a visible belt.

What happened was: I went to put the wash in the dryer and the washer was “humming” and the basket was full of water. I looked underneath and noticed nothing odd, some watermarks on the lowest part which might be a pump, but no actual water at the time.

If you need serial numbers I can email those to you or add it in the details below.

I have 3 stand up tool boxes and used to work on motorcycles for a living so I SHOULD be able to tackle this job. But I have no clue where to start. A manual would be fine but I need “expertise” from someone who has dealt with Kenmore appliances.

Any ideas or should I try to get it into my truck and take it to Sears? I’m jobless right now so I have to do it the “cheapest way possible”.
LOL …. Moretoo … how is hanging my clothes on a clothes line going to wash my clothes? I guess I could get a car wash gun and add Tide instead and hose the clothes and then let them dry.
I was going to fill up my tub and shake my clothes around in their with some detergent.
But for drying I use the dryer.

The Dryer WORKS.

THE WASHER does not!

I’m going to see if I can get it up on my work bench and follow Johnie 13 but I have to figure out which motor he’s talking about.

Johnie 13 … is the motor the one at the bottom? that looks like the water pump. If I put the washer on my bench can I pull the whole motor with the pump and all or do I have to take the WHOLE thing apart?
Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it!

James Conley answers:

As a one time BrandMaster, working at Sears, Roebuck & Co. In Antioch California, I’ll provide you with a few ideas. If my memory is correct, the 110 Series came out around 1990, available in White only. 2 speed and a 24 pound capacity. The “Humming” noise you are hearing is the machine inability to properly function at cycle change. Specifically, “Spin Cycle” and the malfunction is occurring in the “Spin Clutch.” Although most people feel that the Extra Service Plan is a waste of money, that additional $4.00 a month can remain the buffer between a new purchase and prevention.

Because it affords annual check up’s from Sears Technicians at no charge as well as professional cleaning and servicing which fully protects you against repair cost, the value can end up very obvious. No Sir, I do not work at Sears and that little sales pitch meant nothing other than my personal belief. Now, for your situations finale. If I am on the correct machine, it should have cost you $281.00 or slightly under Three. Unless you know a qualified Kenmore/Ge/Whirlpool repair person that will give you a deal, this repair should cause you to consider a new purchase. It’s a major repair.

Call a few local appliance repair shops and inquire about Spin Clutch repairs on 2 speed Washers and I think you’ll recognize why I suggested a Major Repair. Good Luck for now but Hey, there’s always the neighborhood “Fluff & Fold.”

Mandy asks…

Friends RCA Tv Problem…?

Friends RCA Tv Problem…?
Ok, first of all I’m a huge tinker person. So far everything big or small appliances (mostly computers, microwaves, washers, dryers) that quit working, I tinker with and I get them running again. I’ve only tried fixing one TV but it had something wrong with the diode and I thought that was out of my knowledge range to mess with. I also didn’t have an electric meter and didn’t want to get shocked messing around.
So anyway my friend has a 1994 RCA-Model number F27731Bk, Serial # 448457510T and SMF-5A125V. One week ago it just quit working on her. I finally made it over there to look at it, cause my first thought was to check the fuse. The fuse wasn’t blow but could it still have went bad? I’ve never heard of this thats why I’m asking. Also, what about a reset button and is that located on the circuit breaker? I’m also wondering if she has a bad cord. Her cord is a removable one. Can the cords go bad? The Tv does nothing. No beeps,chips, talk backs, nothing, lol. I really would like to put in a new fuse and check the reset button or circuit breaker. I’ve checked out but can’t find the manual to be able to find the location of all this or a diagram. Can anyone help me? This will be as far as I go to check on this Tv. If none of this fixes it then I don’t think I will tinker any farther. If anyone has any idea’s then please advice. They can’t afford a new Tv, so I’m just trying to help. So anyway, yes the TV is old but still I wanted to tinker and see what I may be able to do. Thanks everyone in advance. Appreciate all answers that are not rude.

James Conley answers:

I bought my mom a 27″ rca tv back in the early ’90’s and it had problems right after the warranty expired. I couldn’t afford to buy her another one after just 14 months, so i took it in to a repair shop to be fixed. I couldn’t believe it when i walked in and saw over a dozen of the exact same tv on the shelves waiting to be repaired, i’m talking identical tv’s. Tv manufacturers will brand sets for other company’s, so some were labeled ge, or sony, but they were exactly the same as my rca, because rca made them all. The owner told me that rca was “pumping” them out so fast at the factory, to meet demand, that they were not making good solder joints on the ground connections. He quoted me $100. At that time to go in and fix them, but said he couldn’t garranty how long the set would last, since it would cost more than the set cost to find and fix them all. After the repairs, the set lasted us another couple of years before it started to do the same thing that it had done before, so we had to buy another tv, not an rca this time!!
I told you about my experiance because i felt you should know that your friend was probably lucky to have had her tv last as long as it has. The “fix” is most likely beyond both yours and my repair abilities, and would be cost prohibitive for a tv set this old. Ask your friend if the picture on the screen had started to shrink around the edges a bit, before it went on her completely. That’s how ours ended up going both times it died, a simptom of those bad ground connections that i mentioned earlier. Your friends best bet, since she can’t afford a new tv at this point, would be to check the newspaper for a used one, since lots of people are upgrading to new ones these days. Good luck.

Maria asks…

Where do I put the fuse in a GE dualwave Microwave system???

James Conley answers:

Check your owners manual first.

Then check GE’s site.
Owner’s manuals available [pdf].
They have a helpline [telephone] as well.

I’ve replaced fuses in two locations on various MW:
1)a fuse holder in the rear where the power cord enters
2) inside the cabinet on the side where the magnetron is located [you’ll see it very plainly]

I’ve also had success by entering the brand & model of an appliance [and in this instance “fuse”] directly into Google.
If a general search gives no answers, THEN just select “groups” at the top of the search bar [the drop down arrow/menu nest to “more”]
You can find answers in repair forms this way.

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