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Your Questions About Ge Appliance Repair Manuals

Susan asks…

Unknown GE stove; do you know how to work it?

We bought a home with an old (1960s maybe?) GE range. It has 2 small and 2 large electric burners with button controls. Each has logical buttons (Off-High) save the front, large burner. This one has “Off, 2-inch, 4-inch, 6-inch, and Grill” buttons along with a sort of depressable knob in the center with a plastic core.

Despite our best efforts we’ve been unable to get this burner to heat. Many a search has yielded nothing (and the previous owner’s cleanliness resulted in a “cleaned” tag obscuring the model number). Anyone have any idea what range this is and/or how it works?

James Conley answers:

If the range seems to be in good, functional condition, and you would like to keep it, then I suggest that you engage a legitimate, well recommended and dependable large appliance repair company to send a technician out to check out problem “burner.”

He may recognize the make and model which you say has been obliterated from the label, and with that info you may be able to contact the manufacturer and obtain an Owner Manual which would provide instruction on the special burner, as well as all kinds of useful info on the rest of the range.

If you’re really lucky, he may be able to explain everything about the operation of the mystery burner, so that you don’t really need a manual, but I would recommend getting it anyway.

I suspect that the two inch, 4 inch, and 6 inch refers to the ability of that burner to be adjusted to fit different sized pots and pans to conserve electricity by not heating parts of the element not covered by a pot or pan. This is only a guess on my part but it seems logical.

Joseph asks…

Where to buy the unicoupler hoses for Portable Washing machine?

I have a GE spacesaver portable washing machine and need the hoses that connect to the kitchen sink for apartment living.
I cant find a website or store that carries the unicoupler. It is a standard size item so I am frustrated when I cant locate it online. Perhaps I am using the wrong name for the part. It has one hose that connects to the machine for water intake, the other hose is to drain and they are both connected together on the other end (unicoupler) and hook up to my kitchen sink. Does anyone know where I can buy one? Thank you…

James Conley answers:

Well if you have the instruction manual, you will have a part number that you can use and the proper term for it. Really, anywhere that sells this type of appliance will carry this connector. I’ve seen it at Menards, but I don’t know if you even have any of them wherever you may be.

Look in the Yellow Pages for appliance repair folks. A lot of them can supply you with the part you need.

Mandy asks…

What’s wrong with my oven?

I have a GE wall oven that isn’t working right. (I tested it with two separate interior oven thermometers) When I set the baking temperature to Warm, the thermometers read 500 degrees! No wonder everything was getting over baked! This just happened out of the blue one day. I have a feeling the problem lies within the thermostat, but I have no idea how to fix it, and locating another one has proven fruitless.

This oven is original to the house, so I would really like to keep it in use. It is from a 1958 house when kitchen appliances were color matched. I would like to keep the outer cover which is the colored part but ovens today don’t match the configuration. Also, the dimensions are very different from today’s ovens. =sigh= I need direction.

James Conley answers:

Here is a site where you can download a repair manual for your product.


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