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Your Questions About Ge Appliance Repair

Sandy asks…

Do you fell it is worth it to buy extended warranties for major appliances?

Consumer reports always says no, but I’m having lots of trouble with my Maytag appliances (less than 18 months old). Should I have sprung for the extended warranties and what can I do now?

James Conley answers:

I read the consumer reports article, but my experience has been that it was totally worth it on everything except the Sony TV. My Sears extended warrant has covered a new motor, gasket, and heating element on my Kitchenaid dishwasher worth more in parts and labor than what I paid for either the dishwasher or the warranty. It paid for a new icemaker, condensor, and motor for my GE profile side by side refridgerator, parts and labor. It paid for my oven’s probe mechanism twice, a new motherboard and fan motor all worth more than the $2800 I paid for the double Kitchenaide convection oven. The warranty cost me $300 for three years and each of the appliances I had repaired probably would have required replacement because it would have been cheaper than repair. I also have a $19 per year extended warranty on my vacuum which I purchased at Best Buy. The vacuum was $400 new and they have replaced it with a new one 6 times in 4 years due to accessory failure, motor failure, beater bar breaks, etc. It was worth it. I will not do extended warranties on home entertainment (i.e. Tv, stereos, Dvd) anymore, but on my appliances I’ll keep renewing the Sears extended warranty for sure.

James asks…

How do you get remove the agitator from a Moffat top loading washer?

I have my pj’s stuck under the agitator of my Moffat washer machine. The draw-string is wrapped around under the agitator and I cannot pull it out. I know that with most washers you can unscrew the top of the agitator and pull it off. With this Moffat, there is a cap, and underneath there is a screw of some kind, but there is no way that I can see to get it off. It is like a round circle, but it has teeth around it… about 1.5 cm acrossed.

Anyway, if anyone knows if there is something I can use or if there is another way that I should be going about to get it off, please let me know. I really don’t want to call in the repair person for something like this…

The washer is probably of the 80’s era. No specific model number. If I get a chance, I will post a link to a photo.

Cheers, skipR.
Yes, redletter2, I found that site too… Just with the photo, it doesn’t really tell me how to take off the screw… I will post a link to a photo when I get home. Bugear001, problem is there is no way to grip around the screw… hopefully the photo will help.

James Conley answers:

Take a look here — it might help you. Apparently, Moffat appliances are made by GE, This guy shows how to take the agitator off of old and new GE washers. He has photos, too. Click on question #3.


Chris asks…

My washing machine just stops at various times during the cycle.?

Then I have to hit the start button again. Often it goes back to the beginning of the wash cycle other times it picks up where it left off. Is it just a button problem? The washer’s a GE but the model is unique to Home Depot. Any idea what it would cost to fix?
The washer’s about 5 years old.

James Conley answers:

The control panel has gone bad. That is an expensive repair. All units do have a 1 year manufactures warranty. If the unit is older than 1 year, you have 3 options:(1) work with the problem as it is (2) Replace the panel (3) replace the washer

If the cost of replacing the panel exceeds 50% the cost of a new washer, buy a new washer. Check with Consumer Reports also. GE does not have a good reputation when it comes to appliances. Whirlpool’s reputation is very good.
EDIT: The unit is 5 yrs old. Average life is 3. Replace your washer.

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