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Your Questions About Dishwasher Repair

Linda asks…

How much should dishwasher repair cost?

I’m having my dishwasher repaired. Looks like the pump needs repairing (not replacing) and there’s a clog to address as well. How much should this run me?

James Conley answers:

Before hiring someone, try looking here. If you determine you need parts they will be priced here also. You can then either repair it yourself by following their advice or hire someone to do it, but you will know what they are going to do ahead of time.

Sharon asks…

What type of electrical outlet should I use for my dishwasher?

The old one shorted out so I need to replace it. That one has a reset switch on it. The dishwasher repair man said not to use that kind but I think I should since it is right next to the water outlet hose.

James Conley answers:

Well, you don’t really have to have a GFCI outlet if the outlet is supplied by a GFCI breaker. But, for general practice, I would take the old one to a home improvement store and ask which one they would specifically recommend as a replacement.

Nancy asks…

i found a tube in my dishwasher?

it was in the drain thingy. my dishwasher does not fill up or spray water, does the tube go somewhere important? where is a good website for dishwasher repair without having to buy parts?

James Conley answers:

I recommend going to the manufacturer’s website and choosing the trouble shooting section.
The tube in the bottom center of the dishwasher may possibly extend up to the top rack when water is flowing into it. If you don’t have water flow, try pulling the dishwasher out, ensuring it is plugged in. There may also be a food blockage in the drain line causing weak performance/reduced water pressure.

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