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Your Questions About Dishwasher Repair Parts

James asks…

moving to part furn house & the dishwasher isnt draining, what can i do? its a servis platinum M4608AL?

i have no instruction manual for the dishwasher so could anyone tell me where to get a replacement?

James Conley answers:

You should be able to get information and troubleshooting advice at Click on Repair Help at the top of the page. In fact try this page:

Thomas asks…

Who should I get to fix my dishwasher in Northern VA?

I haven’t had good luck so far with a repairman fixing my Kenmore Dishwasher. They either don’t keep their appointment time frame (several hours late) or I have been told “I don’t feel like pulling your dishwasher out, as it’s been a long day and I’m really tired”! Really! I’ve also been told it’s going to take a month to get the part needed. Seriously, it’s a relatively young Kenmore! Sears charges $90.00 to just show up at the door and I don’t know if that amount gets applied to a repair fee. I don’t mind paying, I just don’t want to be taking advantage of. Any good recommendations for the Northern Virginia/ Washington DC area? Thanks for your responses, I will rate your answers.

James Conley answers:

Go online to ‘Angie’s List’ and look for washer repairmen in your zip code or neighboring areas. Read the customer evaluations and choose which one you think will work for you. It is a good source to find who you’re looking for repairs, etc.


Nancy asks…

How to fix a leaky dishwasher?

I recently pulled out my dishwasher and did not know about the copper tube that delivers water to the machine. I put it back, but it is leaking and I don’t know what to do.

James Conley answers:

Find the source of the leak first. Unscrew the access panel at the bottom of the dishwasher and check where the copper is joined to a brass 90 degree fitting. That’s the weakest point.
Then, you can either repair the joint or replace the entire supply line.
To repair the joint, you’ll need an adjustable wrench or pliers, a pipe cutter for 1/4″ tubing, a new compression sleeve and teflon tape.
Unscrew the nut that holds the copper tube in the fitting. Pull out the tube, cut off the broken part. Wrap the threads of the fitting with three clockwise wraps of teflon tape. Put the old nut on the tube, slide the sleeve on, insert the tube into the fitting and put the nut on “wrench-tight”. Turn the water on and check for leaks.
To replace the copper, you’ll need a new flexible dishwasher supply line, a wrench or pliers and teflon tape.
Turn off the water, unscrew both ends of the copper pipe, remove it. Run the new supply line through the same holes. Apply teflon tape to the male connectors at supply and inlet, attach the new line, turn on the water and check for leaks. Tighten as necessary.

Check for leaks before using the washer and again after it has been running for five minutes. The hot water will cause the fittings to expand slightly and leaks may appear.

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