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Your Questions About Dishwasher Repair Parts

Steven asks…

How to replace a kitchen floor ?

A leaking dishwasher has caused the part of the kitchen floor to become unstable. To do the job properly I was advised to remove the kitchen cabinets and replace all of the wood, not just the damaged section. How much should something like this cost and what sort of company does this work?

James Conley answers:

This repair would be covered by your buildings insurer. Escaping water that damages kitchen carcases and flooring is covered, as is all the associated repair work necessary. The only thing not covered would be the cost of actually repairing the leaking pipe/joint etc. Even if the leak has been ongoing for some time and has rotted a section of the floor, as long as it was in a concealed place and you haven’t wilfully ignored the leak then the insurance company will still cover the cost of repairs. Your insurers will collect any policy excess at the time of repairs. Get in touch with them and ask for a claim form or for them to send out a claims surveyor, depending on which approach they use

Sandra asks…

How long should a dishwasher hinge rope last?

We had a repair on our Lamona dishwasher that replaced hinges and hinge ropes and about 4 months later the hinge rope on 1 side is completly destroyed and they want to charge us for more parts. Is this faulty parts or fitting or should we have to pay the £60 they are wanting?
Should have said as I am disabled I cannot do these things myself much as I would love to! The brain is willing but the body cannot co-operate!

James Conley answers:

They’re only a few quid for a pack of two, you can find them on the ‘net. Why not buy and fit yourself? It’s simple.

Edit: Ah, I see. Well, unless you can get family, friends or a good neighbour to fit it when you’ve got it perhaps you may have to pay them. Or someone. Just a thought, our Council have links to a “handyman” scheme where they have a sort of jack-of-all trades handyman especially for those small jobs which the elderly or disabled perhaps can’t physically do, like moving furniture,changing bulbs, tightening taps, small repairs and so on. They charge very little, the last I heard it is £10 per hour or £5 if you’re on a means-tested benefit. I wonder if yours does the same. Or maybe your local disabled association.

Sandy asks…

How do I fix a dishwasher drain problem?

I have a whirlpool quiet partner II and it is not draining, what could be the problem? Also, are there suppose to be two small white marbles in the drain hole inside the dishwasher?

James Conley answers:

Ether the drain line is clogged or the motor (which acts as the pump as well) is out.
Look under the sink where the tube that come off the dishwash is connected to. If it tied in the garbage disposal, I have seen where the plastic nipple over time has melted (this is years of use) and partially collapsed. Thus creating a restriction. If all that checks out, I suspect that either the motor has failed and or something (food related) is stuck in the pump housing. Basically your going to have to check things out. Or call a repair man to trouble shoot, just be weary though that some of these appliance repair guys are just parts chuckers. So something simple say as a blocked pump, they would say oh you need a whole new one.

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