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Your Questions About Dishwasher Repair Parts

Susan asks…

Where can I find info on repairing GE dishwashers?

I’ve already been to and I’ve spent two months getting the replacement parts (and $40), but NO instructions came with it and GE is not willing to provide any.

I need to replace parts in the faucet connector on a portable. Not as simple as replacing a washer. It looks like I will be replacing all the moving pieces.

James Conley answers:

I’ve used them to buy parts to fix both my washing machine and my dishwasher!

Sharon asks…

I need some information on dishwashers, are they really helpful if teh kitchen or do i have to wash ?

i need some information on dishwashers, are they really helpful if the kitchen? or do i have to wash the dishes with water first before putting them in the dishwasher, do tehy clean the dishes well or not, can i wash large dishes or only specific size, whats are their disadvatages??
i also need some info on the best brands and prices

James Conley answers:

Dishwashers are great. Some cheaper models you will have to pre wash the dishes first and some more expensive one will clean a whole cake of the tray. I recommend getting one in the middle of the pricing road. Try to get a brand name one so it will be easy to learn about and get parts for if needed. They come in all sizes and variations (2 to 3 racks) The new ones are very quiet and easy to use. You will have to shop around and look at the insides to see what you need. The dish washing soap is very powerful in cleaning. Some of your burnt on pots well come out very nicely and the rinse agent is very good and well make your glasses come out like new.

Dishwashers will need maintenance like any other machine. They will also need cleaning. Sometimes the awkward pots and pans will be easier to wash by hand as they well take up to much room, but you can get some pretty big things in there.

Most dishwashers will leak from time to time but they are easy to fix and the parts are fairly priced. It is the dishwasher repair man that charges the outrages prices.

Helen asks…

What glue should I use to repair the inside of my dishwasher?

The roters (spinny thing) in the dishwasher keeps coming of after a wash and I have tried many different glues but they all seem to melt off. Does anybody know a good glue to use to fix it? Thanks 🙂

James Conley answers:

There should be something else besides a glue to hold the “spinny thing” in place… A set screw or a key on the side of the shaft, a nut and lock washer on the end of the shaft, etc… Etc… Many ways to attach a “spinny thing” to a shaft – but not glue.

Two part epoxy (brand name “J B Weld” is very good for most things) will probably work, but you won’t be able to take it apart, ever again. There has to be a better way.

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