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Your Questions About Dishwasher Repair Cost

Paul asks…

How long do dishwashers and washing machines last?

Both my dishwasher and washing machine are 9 years old – make Indesit

They have both broken down and i was wondering if i should pay to get them fixed or buy new ones? I do not have much money to need to think what is the best way.

How long are these machines meant to last? If they should last much more than 9 years i will get them fixed, but if they normally dont have much more of a shelf life than this – then i will replace them..

Please advise

James Conley answers:

Hello Starer.
10 Years.
Look at it this way.
If you pay £300.00 for a washer and it lasts for ten years it has cost you £30.00 pounds per year.
Not bad.
Don’t waste good money on expensive repairs as all you will have is an old machine ready to go wrong again.
Cut your losses and run.
By a new machine and get another ten years of peace at £30.00 per year.

Sharon asks…

who do you hire for dishwasher installation?

I am replacing an old dishwasher as well as getting a new refrigerator with ice maker. I am getting them delivered, but don’t know if I need an electrician or plumber or just a general contractor to install them. Thank you.

James Conley answers:

An appliance repair technician would be your best choice for dishwasher installation. Who would know better than someone who repairs them for a living. A plumber or handyman would also be a good 2nd & 3rd choice but letting just anyone do it could be risky. An improper installation could spell W-A-T-E-R D-A-M-A-G-E and the few bucks you might save during the install could cost you a lot more in the end. Make sure that the person you choose has experience and knows what they’re doing. You should also have an Air Gap connected between the dishwasher and garbage disposal so that dirty water from your sink and disposal odor doesn’t end up in your dishwasher. Air Gaps are located on the top of your sink. Many times I find that in-experienced installers connect the drain hose from the dishwasher straight to the disposer without using an Air Gap. If you don’t already have an Air Gap and decide to go ahead without one, just be sure the drain hose is looped up from the disposer before going down to the dishwasher to help stop gravity flow. I also recommend using a steel-braided water line instead of copper. It’s easier to install and less chance of a leak.

Nancy asks…

Is a food disposal important in a dishwasher?

I have been doing some reading on dishwashers and have noticed that some have a disposal and others do not. Is it important to have one or not? I know a self cleaning filter is important but am not sure about the food disposal.

James Conley answers:

I learned after two repairs that the soft food disposal does not matter at all. You still need to scrape or rinse your dishes of all food. In the future I wouldn’t worry about one having one, the best it might do is take down applesauce, but that would go down the drain anyhow. In my opinion-it’s nothing more than an extra cost that doesn’t help the dishwasher any better!

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