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Your Questions About Dishwasher Repair

Lizzie asks…

dishwasher repair, leak’s in front during operation, how do i fix the problem?

everytime we use the dishwasher (ge trition ) it leak’s on the bottom front if the door. can i somewhat easly fix this porblem myself.

James Conley answers:

Take the door off, and keep a pan just under where the door was.

Steven asks…

Why does my matsui dishwasher run ok when empty and trip the fuse when full?

Same things running on the circuit; no other additional loading. Is it a dishwasher problem or a fuse problem? If dishwasher, cheap to repair or should i buy a new one (I’ve read bad reviews re matsui).

James Conley answers:

It’s probably an earth leak on a heater element

Robert asks…

Is it worth getting my dishwasher repaired?

The motor in my dishwasher has broke. My mother said there is not point in getting a new one as something else might break in the dishwasher. It’s a Hotpoint and its 5 years old. Any advice.

James Conley answers:

First, what your mother said makes no sense as you’ve written it.

The choice is simple. Either repair the old dishwasher or get a new one. Which costs more? Five years is not a long time for a dishwasher.

There is only one motor in your dishwasher: the one that drives the pump. How do you know it’s the motor that failed? It could be something simple that an appliance repair tech could fix inexpensively. Find out before you decide.

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