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Your Questions About Dishwasher Repair

Helen asks…

Really dumb question, but who do I call if I want a dishwasher repaired?

Obviously not a plumber, but who do dI look up in the yellow pages if I need a dishwasher serviced. Thanks.
dishwasher is only 2 years old.

James Conley answers:

Look under “Appliances-parts and service” in your yellow pages. Most are certified to work on any brand, and would be the same techs that you would get by calling the 800 number in the manual. Hope this helps.

William asks…

Does anyone know a dishwasher repair man local to Hamilton, South Lanarkshire?

I need to replace the pressure switch on my dishwasher but Indesit are going to charge me £100 just for call out. Does anyone know of a reliable tradesman in my area who would do a ‘homer’ for me if I got the part? Thanks

James Conley answers:

Try this:

Good luck!

Ruth asks…

Is there a glue that would work for dishwasher repair?

The little plastic wheel on the upper rack in my dishwasher broke and I would like to just fix the part. When I tried ordering a replacement, Maytag said they could only sell me the entire adjustable rack assembly at $45…for a plastic wheel that costs less than a dollar. I wouldn’t have thought Maytag would try and rip me off, but guess they’re no different than any other company. So if anyone knows of a dishwasher safe adhesive for plastic that would be great.

James Conley answers:

You might try asking at a appliance repair store for an answer to your problem.

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