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Your Questions About Dishwasher Repair

Lisa asks…

How can I get the phone numbers/email addresses for managers at Whirlpool Canada?

I am having an incredible amount of difficulty getting my less than 2 year old dishwasher repaired, and I want to talk to someone in a position to do something about it, but I am having no luck getting any useful phone numbers or email addresses. Please help!!!

James Conley answers:

Their home page should give all these details –
nowadays major MNC have habit of running the show through call cent res which deteriorates the situations.

I am sorry to hear your woes

Nancy asks…

tub cleaner for my dishwasher?

I had my dishwasher repaired and he said to use a tub cleaner about once a week. I can’t find any in the grocery stores. What exactly is it. Does anyone know the names or brands?

James Conley answers:

Jet-Dry makes a tub cleaner, But in most cases white vinegar will work just as well.

Sharon asks…

Can I break my lease on my rental home and still get my security deposit back?

Moved in this house 1 June and in the 6 weeks we’ve lived here the AC has broke twice, the dishwasher needed repair, and now the oven is broke. Although, the prop management company has repaired these things in a timely fashion it seems ridiculous that once a week something breaks. Its really not work my money and stress. I don’t think it’s reasonable to do this once a week for 12 months. Thoughts?

James Conley answers:

No, you will still owe the rent until May 31, 2013, si it is unlikely that you would get your deposit bacjk when you are the one that will be owing all of the money.

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