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Your Questions About Bosch Appliance Repair Parts

Lizzie asks…

Anyone have a Bosch Range/Oven?

Anyone have a Bosch Range/Oven? I am Particularly looking for the HES5053C model. Are they any good? Do they last long? And would you recommend them?

Thanks for any feedback!!

James Conley answers:

Bosch appliances are generally very good, and should you need parts, they are generally very cheap. I would take a Bosch over any other make. There are fancier appliances in the top price range, but only the very rich should go for those, as they are expensive if not impossible to repair.

Donald asks…

Why do I not get enough hot water for a 5 min shower or to run a full bath?

We recently renovated our house and had a new full heating system which included a Worcester Bosch 30CDI combi boiler (one of the best around I was told!) installed. Recently the hot water out of the shower lasts no longer than 4-5 minutes and we can not run a full bath because the hot water just runs out. If you leave it for a minute or so you get a bit more, but its a pain in the arse as you can imagine!
Any ideas, I am reluctant to call a plumber out!?
Many thanks.

James Conley answers:

How recently is recently?

If it only a matter of a couple of months (or less) I would call out the original installer and have them look at it, if it is faulty they may be able to claim there expenses from the manufacturer.

OR call the manufacturer, they may send a service agent to look at it (if it is not faulty, you may be charged)

some utility suppliers have a maintenance plan, I have one that covers all gas appliances, I pay around £12 per month, and call outs are free, as are repairs, including parts.

Only stipulation is that on joining there scheme that all appliances are working.

I would suggest you look into one of these, on joining the chances of the engineer testing your shower for 5 mins are slim.

Mark asks…

The temperature in my fridge fluctuates – is it a faulty thermostat?

It is a Bosch larder fridge, about 8 years old. With the thermostat set at its coldest the temperature is usually between 0 deg C and 4 deg C, but it sometimes drops to minus 2. Previously it stayed at about 4 deg on a middle setting on the dial. An engineer said it was caused by the compressor being out of gas and that it would not be worth repairing. From things I have read I think it might be a faulty thermostat. How can I tell? If it is the thermostat is it easy to get a new one and fit it?

James Conley answers:

Well, to be honest it could be one the the two mentioned reasons. The thermostat could be tested with a multimeter. You could get replacement parts at an electrical supply store or an appliance repair shop

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