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Your Questions About Bosch Appliance Repair

Mandy asks…

why is my dishwasher so stinky?

Ok.. well I know the reason- its because there is mold or some sort of funkiness going in the drainage area. I’m not so savvy with appliances, but I have never heard of this happening to a dishwasher. Is this something I can just clean up or a simple repair? Or do I need to pony up some bucks for a new one? The dishwasher is a Bosch Sensotronic. Not sure how old, but I have read about extensive issues with this model when i have searched it.

James Conley answers:

Jet Dry sells a Dishwasher cleaner that I use monthly. This keeps my dishwasher cleared of food debris and calcium buildup. Buy some and use it

Laura asks…

My freezer is filling with water/ice?

My Bosch KGN34X01GB freezer compartment is filling with ice, it seems to come from the top right corner and run down that corner, filling the drawers and collecting in the bottom underneath the bottom drawer. Can anyone tell me how to resolve it? It still works fine, seems silly to replace it if I can just fix the fault that’s producing the leak?

James Conley answers:

Unless it is leaking water directly from a water line to an ice maker, it’s probably an issue with the defrosting unit. There is a heating element that cycles on and off to remove any frost that forms. You should probably call an appliance repairman to diagnose and repair the problem as these type issues aren’t really a do it yourself project.

John asks…

Bosch Dishwasher problem…?

Our Bosh Dishwasher will not go into the wash cycle. It fills with water opens the soap dispenser and then after a while it drains itself. Completely forgoing the wash cycle. Does anyone have any ideas regarding this? We are a bit hesitant to get an appliance repair guy out here as they charge an arm and a leg..
Thank you

James Conley answers:

Well, I guess some appliance repair people charge to much but, our company doesn’t. Also, not all appliance repair people are guys as, I do this for a living. I have done it for 32 years. I am a woman. At any rate, either the control board/ timer is not telling the motor to come on or the motor is done. The only other thing you can do it check and make sure the wiring to the wash motor is not burnt up, loose or damaged. I have come across wires eaten by mice and such. People don’t even realize that they have mice. So it is worth a glance at the wiring. If I hadn’t gone to one ladies house when I did she may of lost it to fire. All thanks to a mouse she didn’t know she had. Good luck.

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