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Your Questions About Bosch Appliance Repair

Laura asks…

where can I get repair manual for Bosch dishwasher SHY56A05UC any help would be appreciated?

James Conley answers:

These people claim to carry repair manuals for all appliances.

Sandy asks…

What is the best dishwasher on the market?

We can spend between $600-$700.

James Conley answers:

None of them work as well as they used to. Pop into the local library and check out Consumer Reports 2010 buying guide for some direction. If I remember correctly Whirlpool and Bosch were rated pretty well.

Whatever you do, don’t get a Maytag! I have a newer Maytag that I absolutely hate. It’s kept clean, does not have water mineral deposits, it’s loaded properly, I use a good quality detergent AND rinse aid and the damn thing still works when it feels like it.

And final tip is don’t get a brand that you do not have a local repair facility for. These big box stores like Best Buy, Lowe’s and Home Depot all sell dishwashers but they don’t repair them. You’re on your own after the sale unless you want to buy their expensive and mostly worthless “extended” warranties. And call that repair center and see if they will repair appliances purchased from the big box stores. Some won’t.

That’s the sole reason I buy all my appliances at our locally owned and operated (has been for 30+ years) appliance store. Yeah, it costs me a little more but I always get free delivery and set up and I know if I have a disaster, the repair guys will be right here. They always have been.

Our 25+ year old fridge left us know that it was not going to work much longer on a Wednesday. We went and picked out the new one. The owner rearranged his entire delivery schedule Thursday so that we got our new fridge before the weekend because he was afraid it was going to quit. You will not get that kind of service at a big box store.

Daniel asks…

help appliance repairman ,turned Bosch dishwasher on when water was off now it doesn’t work .?

two year old machine turns on but no water comes in I can hear water bubbling for a minute then it stops I checked water inlet filter it was clean I poured water in and it pumps out fine could it be a heater or anouther pump thank you for your help

James Conley answers:

Check the water inlet valve works by energizing a solenoid.look at your manual, go to or

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