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Your Questions About Bosch Appliance Repair

Michael asks…

I have a BOSCH SGS43E08 dishwasher and it isn’t draining water off at the end of a cycle.?

We found fragments of glass in the washer but can’t get to the pump to check in there – any ideas?

James Conley answers:

All dishwashers I know of have a water circulation pump that provides for circulating the washing water under pressure through the spinning spray arms (lower and upper) for the washing and rinsing cycles and for pumping the water out when each of those cycles is completed. The water canNOT DRAIN out of the dishwasher (except by removing the water discharge hose from the elevated drain pipe and lowering it to below the level of the machine’s pump) — it HAS to be pumped out. Either your pump impeller has been *jammed* by broken glass fragments that got through the intake filter and OR the belt driving the circulating water pump has broken. If you are NOT really “sharp” about doing home repairs — especially on machinery — I advise you to contact your nearest, reliable appliance repair person to come our and examine your problem and give you a cost of repairs estimate. You may feel that the estimate you get is too high, and if so, you should consult another, RELIABLE repair person. In the meantime — don’t try to run the dishwasher any longer — I don’t know what “emergency” control features it might have to prevent overfilling and flooding out onto your kitchen or utility room floor.

George asks…

I have a Problem with my Bosch Dishwasher???

I had my Bosch Dishwasher for about a year and a half, and since we are not used to having one we did not use it a lot. Probably only three times. Now we wanted to start it up but it doesn’t work. The problem is that the water is let in and fills the bottom. Then the detergent is let out and left on the bottom. After that nothing happens. Can anyone help me on this problem

James Conley answers:

It sound like to me that your dishwasher pump to drain the unit is not working… You will need to contact an appliance repair man

Sandy asks…

Bosch drill, working intermittently and sparking/noisy. Can it be repaired please?

Bosch CSB 470-RLE Hammer Drill

Hi. Appliance started to make a ratchet noise. Works intermittently, requiring the chuck to be manually turned to get it started. Also sparking from rear side air vents.
It is well used, Is it possible and worth repairing?

James Conley answers:

It could just need brushes, which will be pretty cheap, but if the armature (the thing that spins inside the motor) is fried, then it probably isn’t worth repairing and it’s time for a new drill. Take the back cover piece off and look at the copper contacts on the armature and if there are any of them that are burnt or black looking, then it’s toast. But if it looks okay, then the brushes are probably worn down or one is sticking in the holder, either of which can cause the sparking and intermittent operation you’re describing. If it just needs brushes, check the motor bearings while you have it apart because they are prone to failure on these tools due to the extreme vibration and dust they are subjected to. Hammer drills by their very nature are often the most used and abused tools on a job site so it could be a major problem or something simple. Bosch has been making very high quality tools for a long time and their hammer drills are especially well regarded throughout the industry.

You can buy new brushes (get two pairs – one set for next time) at a Bosch Service Center or online at If you need a new drill, consider getting a reconditioned model because you get a great tool at a significant savings. I’ve been buying them for myself and for the shops I’ve run for years and have never had a bad experience. They come with the original manufacturer’s warranty and I’ll never buy a new tool again because it just doesn’t make economic sense. Some of the online retailers are and though I’m sure there are ones specific to the U.K.

But first make sure if yours only need brushes because that’s an easy and cheap fix unless the motor windings are fried.

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