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Your Questions About Bosch Appliance Repair

John asks…

Question about manufacturers guarantee when buying a washing machine?

I’m a bit confused about the difference between the manufacturers guarantee that is available for example 2 years with lets say a washing machine and the other guarantee plans available for an extra cost?

What is the difference between the 2? and is the paid one worth having, for example, when buying a washing machine?

James Conley answers:

Most electrical appliances will last 3 years before they start going wrong, which is why the extra guarantees are generally for only 2 years. Exceptionally, a badly made or faulty appliance will fail before this but if the 1st year would be covered by the manufacturers warranty. Instead of paying for a warranty I think that you would be better advised to buy a better washer machine. As an example; if you were thinking of buying say a Zanussi spend a little more a buy a Bosch with the money you would have spent on a warranty – my Bosch has been going strong for 7 years.
Basically, extra warranties are insurance policies that make others a lot of money and do not even cover everything that might go wrong with 3 old machines anyway. Also, it can be cheaper to have the machine repaired than pay the total cost of the 2 year warranty. As another alternative you could of course just put what you would of paid on the warranty into a savings account to help pay for any possible repairs.

James asks…

cost of washing machine repair (UK) – heater element?

Anyone help me on this – Friday night and my washing machine has given up the ghost. I know it’s the heater element as the rest of the machine works fine but as soon as the heater kicks in, it throws the trip switch. What do you think it’s going to cost to replace a heater element (bosch)? If it’s an excessive cost then I’d just get a new one.
machine is 5-6yrs old and is a WFD2060/GB01

James Conley answers:

Here are the names of two very good sites that will answer your problem.
Washer Help site map
Samuri Appliance Repair
And a third one—How to fix it
I sincerly hope this helps you

Sharon asks…

Does any onehave experience w/ Bosch appliances? w/d dishwasher?

I recieve a an awesome prize a Bosch appliance package. I know i want the d/w I’m still debating about te washer and dishwsher–can any one help me- do I keep the new or sell the 2yo Kenmores. Both sets front loaders- LOVE THEM- don’t know about appliance history and repairs, as well as parts availability–HELP. I have a week to decide!!!

James Conley answers:

I don’t have personal experience with them (never owned one) but every report I have seen on them says they are the best.

I even watched a show on flipping houses and the Realtor said if you want the most for your money always use Bosch appliances.

I know this isn’t the response you wanted but I hope it helped.

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