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Your Questions About Bosch Appliance Repair

Maria asks…

Why does home depot rip people off?

They dont tell you this but if you buy power tools from them they are not the same tools as you would get from a supply house or someplace else. I bought a Bosh hammer drill from there and it crapped out after a few months. When i took it to a repair person he opened it and said where the hell did you get this drill the bushings and gears are plastic. I ve never seen that on a Bosch hammer drill. And the repairmans boss said that many companies make different tools and equipment specifically for Home Depot. And they are usually of lesser quality. That is how they pass the savings to you. which sucks because i would be willing to spend the extra 20 – 40 bucks for the “real thing” This explains why my shower head is leaking after only 3 months of use. and it wasnt a cheap brand either. Home Depot is ok for bulding supplies but dont buy your tools from there cause youll be sorry in the long run.
im sorry but that is b u l l s h i t. thats called rip off.
I can see if i was at a garage sale or something but i am under the impression that i am buying a quality product. They should tell you it is of inferior grade for homeowner use not professional use. And while im on it their Ryobi and Rigid lines are garbage. Ive seen first hand many people buy them and they crap out in like 3-5 months. They are more like disposable tools use for a few months and just throw away and by a new one
Home Depot doesnt make the tools but Home Depot “tells” the maker of a given product how much they are going to sell it for if they want it in their store. Ill never buy a Dewalt from Home Cheapo thats just asking for trouble. The chucks on their drills is always the first to go./
Please dont tell me about the right tool for the right job. I know all about that. I ve been an electritian for a long time and even had tool repair men tell me this fact. Look go to home cheapo and look at the serial number on a 18 volt drill then go to a supply house or real tool store and look a the serial number on the same drill it will be a little different than the one from home depot. WHY? cause its crap. Just like their faucets and other stuff. I dont even want to get into their crappy windows. Im just waiting to reside so i can rip out the two s h i t t y casement windows i got from there and now they suck. one already broke and when i had a new one put it it was a different size. 1/8 of an inch to big and Home Cheapo said it was basically my problem now. Hows that for standing behind your stuff. I dont have time to tell you of other crap from there. Lowes is really much the same.
IVE Bbrught back tools with a recipt many times but it was the Bosch drill and the repairman that finally woke me up to the fact i wasnt buying the real thing.
We as consumers shouldnt put up with this practice. Tell Home Cheapo to suck it and to clean up their act. I hate them and the funny thing is 5 years or so ago i thought home depot was the s h i t. Now it really is s h i t . The only thing i would consider buying from there is wood and sheet rock. Because i can simply look at it and tell if its a decent piece or not.
If i wanted to but a tool so i could return and get a new one every few months i would just go to sears.

James Conley answers:

The manufacturers of other products like vacuums, small kitchen appliances, small electronics do the same thing for the discounters, like Wal-Mart. Did you ever wonder why the vacuums all look the same, but have different model numbers and names at the department stores? Carpet manufacturers are worse. As interior designers, we would receive lists of all of the names and numbers they were marketing the same carpet as at different retailers. It is so that you cannot compare the prices and retailers who have the price match guarantee rarely have to pay their 10% royalty because you’ll never match the product exactly.

Donna asks…

why does my bosch washing machine stick at the rinse programme and then the lights start to flash on and off?

James Conley answers:

Hi Geraldin, I am Aiden Mackle of I have been repairing and selling Washing Machines for almost 32 years now. (no I’m not blowing my own trumpet, I just want you to know, I know a little bit about washing machine repairs)

I need to know the model of your Bosch washing machine.
I need to know, when it stops are any error codes showing up on the display (if it has one) such as F18 or E18.

When it stops in the rinse cycle, does it stop with water in the drum? I know the clothes will be sopping wet, but is there any water in the drum.

The very 1st thing I would check is the pump filter (at the front of the machine, at the bottom right hand side as you view it from the front) Often behind a plastic drop down flap. You should see a white round screw out filter cap. Try to unscrew it (anti clockwise and about 3 turns) Put a couple of towels down on the floor 1st to catch any water that may come out (and there may well be quite a bit of water)

If the pump filter is blocked, the machine will not be able to pump out the dirty wash water and so may stay stuck in the wash or rinse cycle.

Here is a copy of an email I sent to a Bosch washing machine owner this morning. (below)

Hi Carolyne

If the filter on the pump assembly will not screw all the way out, then there is probably a coin or something stuck in it. You can try turning it as far round as you can and then back half a turn, do this 8 or 9 times. Sometimes this will move whatever is stopping the filter from turning.

Try to use your fingers to do this as a pair of pliers or such like can crack and break the plastic of the filter making the problem worse.

If this doesn’t work then the only solution is to strip the complete pump out of the machine, split the pump and filter apart and remove the item/debris that way, but this is really a job for an engineer.

How to remove the complete water pump.
Unplug the appliance.
Drag it out and lower the drain hose to remove the water from the machine.
(If the drain hose comes out of the machine high up the rear, it won’t drain).
Have someone hold the machine at an angle for you so that it rests on it’s rear feet and the front feet are off the ground as the pump will have to be dropped out through the bottom of the machine.

Once the machine is empty, take off the plastic cover below the front panel (usually just one screw to the left of the pump) Then remove the screws holding the pump housing to the chassis (often just one screw, but can sometimes be 4)

Push the pump housing into the machine and drop it out the bottom into a wash basin.
Take the wiring and the hoses off.
Take the assembly out and take the debris out of the hose ports.
Take off the pump cap.
Remove all the debris.
Reassemble the machine and try it again.

I hope this helps you Carolyne.
Regards Aiden Mackle of

Geraldin if non of the above solves your problem please don’t forget

I need to know the model of your Bosch washing machine.
I need to know, when it stops are any error codes showing up on the display (if it has one) such as F18 or E18.
When it stops in the rinse cycle, does it stop with water in the drum? I know the clothes will be sopping wet, but is there any water in the drum.

You can email me through yahoo answers or through my website

Kind regards Geraldin, please let me know if I can be of any further help.

Aiden Mackle.

Charles asks…

How do I clean my dishwasher blades?


My Bosch dishwasher has been spraying up some black bits onto my dishes and glasses.

I looked at the blade and found the culprit: the spaghetti meal that i had last night!

It looked like some of the pots and plates weren’t scraped off enough and some crap is blocking the blades.

So, how do i get rid of this and should i buy one of those dishwasher cleaners? The liquid ones that you just leave inside an empty dishwasher.


xxx Sarah

James Conley answers:

What ya do is ,,,, put about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of cooking oil into the bottom of your empty dishwasher,
and run it…. This allows all the mechanism’s to function properly. This will clean everything. This process should be repeated every 6 to 8 months or so, to keep everything in good working order. Try to rinse your dishes off well before filling the unit, as this helps to protect your dishwasher blades, as well as the drain field.
I have a new G.E. Dishwasher, as we just put our new home in, and it came with all new appliances, and the repair guy told us to do this proceedure to ensure proper working order for the unit.
He did it last yr. In Oct. And I’ve done it twice since then. It does work. Then I add jet dry, and man my dishes come out just shinning.
Good Luck to you! I hope I’ve helped you.

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