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Your Questions About Appliance Repair Service

Donald asks…

How Does Cost the developing of website for Appliances repair services in USA?

the website is for appliances repair services (Heating and cooling) with SEO

Please give me an interval.

@SteveO: wow !!!!!!!!! Are you kidding ????

James Conley answers:

Since you want to develop a completely new site for your appliances and repair services and would want to do search engine optimization for it as well, I suggest that you hire the professional web design and seo consulting services of an interactive design agency. We did the same for our luggage bag dealership firm. The agency’s creative team combined captivating design solutions with business know-how and made our site seo friendly by combining on-page, off-page and social media techniques.

Ruth asks…

which is the best appliance repair service in manassas va?

i have experience with appliance repair master and will suggest everyone in manassas to call them once for your appliance repair the official site is
but i want to know about the more best appliance repair services in manassas va?

James Conley answers:

Hi buddy,

Appliance Repair Master is a very good service provider of appliance parts in VA. I have also read their reviews in the internet. However, there are other good and reputed appliance parts service providers available in VA. Although i do not have experience with all of them but i have done a bit of research in the internet regarding the same. I am providing the names and listings of few service providers that have good reviews in the internet. Hope that might be helpful for you. Well if you need to buy any appliance parts then i would recommend Pandora’s OEM. I have a good experience with this company. You can check out their reviews in the internet and their official website as well. Hope all these infos will help you in some ways. Cheers.

Lizzie asks…

Is there a standardized labor guide for the home appliance repairer/servicer?

I remember the Chilton’s labor guides in the auto repair industry – they are pretty much the standard a mechanic would refer to when determining the time it would take to do a particular job (replace a timing belt, water pump etc.) One of our family is starting a hope appliance repair service (at customer locations). Is there a standard labor guide to refer to in providing quote to a customer or is it just anything goes? (I’d much prefer to see some standard guide!). Besides being unfair to the customer, it would also be impractical in that one would have to already know about the labor time for every appliance, every brand, every model etc. There are thousand of ’em out there!

James Conley answers:

Not every service can charge the same amount. Your rates need to be based on how much it costs you to roll the van out every day. What level of service do you want to provide? Are you trying to be the cheapest or the best. Do you plan on growing and expanding or are you just trying to buy a pay check. There is a lot more to do than just getting a van and a phone number. But anyway to answer your question, I don’t believe that there “Standard” repair rates. My basic rate is $65.00 and the average repair bill is around $140.00. For me to make a living and thinking about growing into a major repair business I have to run six calls per day and offer better service than any of my competition. Good luck, I wish your family all the best in their new business.

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