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Your Questions About Appliance Repair Service Reviews

Laura asks…

What Paperwork Do I Need to Sell My Home?

James Conley answers:

Painting and fixing up are only part of selling a home. You must also advertise the house accurately and provide information to the buyer to disclose any problems or defects, especially items such as lead paint and asbestos. Prepare to sell your house by assembling the paperwork you need before advertising or listing with a real estate agent.If you have documents from when you purchased the house, you have a good starting packet. Review this information and look for a house plan, landscape plan, title insurance policy and deed information with a legal description of the lot or property. Look for homeowners association information or subdivision restrictions. The previous advertisement for the house may also be helpful, since it attracted you to the property.Check with your mortgage company for the payoff on the mortgage on a date when you anticipate a sale could be completed, and request the information in writing. Contact the tax appraisal district and ask for a tax statement saying that taxes are current and giving the amount of last year’s taxes. Locate the warranty deed if your house is paid, and make sure it is filed with the county clerk’s office. Obtain a copy for your use. Make copies of recent utility bills and locate the homeowners insurance policy. Assemble a file of paper copies of this information.Make a list of the items you plan to take with you. Include draperies, tanks, appliances, rugs and removable shelving, or remove these items before you show the house. Provide this list to potential buyers if you leave the items to show the house. Make a list of problems with the house for full disclosure. Most states require written disclosure on a seller’s disclosure statementDetermine how much money you need to receive from the house. Add a minimum of 10 percent to that figure. The 10 percent should cover real estate agent fees and closing costs that you pay.Decide how much money in repair allowance you are willing to spend. This covers items discovered by an inspection service or the purchasers before the closing. Add this figure to your minimum sale price, since this is money you may not receive from the sale. Keep these figures available for reference as you discuss a selling price with potential buyers.Have a contract of sale available. These forms, along with disclosure forms, are available at an office supply store. If you have a buyer, complete the contract by filling in the blanks, either for sale “as is” or with a warranty, and accept a good faith deposit from the buyer. You agree to sell the house for the price on the contract, with the method of financing stated. If you have a real estate agent, he will take care of this, or if the buyer has an agent, she can complete the paperwork.You and the buyer can decide on a tentative closing date, but you must rely on others to complete the sale. The buyer may need financing by a conventional loan or a Federal Housing Administration or Veterans Affairs loan. He will also want title insurance, a survey and an appraisal. A settlement statement should be available to all parties about 24 hours before closing so you can review the figures and have questions answered before the closing. The mortgage closer at the finance company, a real estate agent or an attorney can coordinate the closing and have all documents prepared in advance. All these items take time to prepare, but a buyer will not want to close the sale without essential documents.The last piece of paper you need is the check. If you have a mortgage or even two mortgages, all liens must be paid before you get any funds. The settlement statement should contain a total amount so you are not surprised at the closing.

Paul asks…

what is the best washer and dryer on the market?

James Conley answers:

There are few things to consider gas or electric when it comes to dryers, gas is more effecient and cheaper to run for most areas of the country. With washers you would want to consider top load or front load machines. I have provided a few links below. If you click on the pics you can read customer reviews also. These reviews are our picks, we are a service repair company and also sell appliances. We do warranty work also, so we see the common problems with the new machines. I personally prefer the top load washers and would recommend the whirlpool it uses a direct drive set up. The direct drive is very reliable an easy to fix if the coupler does break, that is about the only thing that goes wrong with those machines. They do use a lot more water than front loaders, so keep that in mind when making your decision.

Carol asks…

can i return something to best buy without a recipt?

i read that you need your driver license but im 16 and dont have it and i payed for something to fix my laptop but it doesnt work and i need to return it but somehow neosporen got on the recipt and i threw it out. can i still return it? i payed with cash btw. thanks

James Conley answers:

Your original receipt is required for all returns, exchanges, price matches and warranty repair services. All returns and exchanges must be in original condition and include all accessories. All returns, exchanges and price adjustments must be made in the country of original purchase. Best Buy reserves the right to request identification and to deny any return.

30-day return period
Returns or exchanges 30 days from the original purchase. Please review the exceptions below.

14-day return period
Returns or exchanges 14 days from the original purchase on computers, monitors, notebook computers, projectors, camcorders, digital cameras and radar detectors.

Non-returnable items
Non-returnable items include labor and/or installation services, consumable items such as phone cards, food and drink, or items that are damaged or abused. Opened computer software, movies, music and video games can be exchanged for the identical item but cannot be returned for a refund.

Restocking fee
A restocking fee of 15% will be charged on opened notebook computers, projectors, camcorders, digital cameras, radar detectors, GPS navigation and in-car video systems unless defective or prohibited by law. A restocking fee of 25% will be charged on Special Order Products, including appliances unless defective or prohibited by law.

Since you don’t have any form of photo ID you may want to have a parent or someone that does try and return you item(s). Please understand that because you no longer have the receipt they can refund you the sale price of the item if it’s on sale or has been on sale since your purchase. They may also not give you back cash for it but instead give you a store credit.

Try calling the store to see what advice they give you.

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