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Your Questions About Appliance Repair Service Charge

Ken asks…

How to fix my Whirpool front load washing machine?

It works fine on normal cycle but is accompanied by blinking lights. On heavy cycle it starts but stops right after getting the soap. We checked the hoses and they weren’t clogged. We also opened the top and took a look inside but everything seemed fine. What could be wrong? Whirlpool say we need to pay $160 just for checking. Machine is just 13 months old.

James Conley answers:

I would call around to find a local appliance repair service. $160.00 is a little excessive. My company only charges $60.00 to diagnose anything. It does sound like you need to have a repair person come look it at. The blinking lights indicate to the repair person what the problems is.

Mark asks…

Anyone had a maytag repairman come to your home?

Whats the cost for them to come out? The lady from maytag said it $50-$100 just to look at it, but thats a wide range. And do they fix them while there or do they come out another time to? any ideas?

James Conley answers:

You likely have independent appliance repair services. Check the telephone book and talk to friends. I have a Maytag refrigerator but called Brockman’s Applicance in our town. Very knowledgeable and quite reasonable, and guarantees their work. I’ll bet you have someone similar in your area. The big name folks will charge big prices because of the use of the big name brand.

Our independent has a minimum service call, but it applies to the total repair; I’ll bet others work the same way. Also, the more info you can give them as to what might be wrong as well as the model of your appliance, the better prepared they will be able to arrive. Another advantage of an independent is that they don’t stay in business if they don’t do a good job while a big name store may be sending someone who is about to be fired because of lack of skill or someone who will be good in the future but lacks his/her future skills today.

Jenny asks…

Repair-It charges $60 for a service call plus $25 per hour to repair the appliance. Let h represent the number?

Repair-It charges $60 for a service call plus $25 per hour to repair the appliance. Let h represent the number of hours and C represent the total cost for the repair. Write an equation to find the total cost of the bill to fix your appliance after h hours.

James Conley answers:

This is very easy question —> C=25h + 60

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