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Your Questions About Appliance Repair Service Charge

Jenny asks…

Is it worth paying someone to look at my washing machine?

My Hoover washing machine is 12 years old. It is a top loading. It now has a problem where it keeps washing and washing without advancing so it never reaches the end of its cycle. I think it cost about $500 when I bought it 12 years ago.

Is it worth paying someone to look at it or should I just buy a new one. I think the min callout charge is about $60 these days.

I live in Melbourne, Australia.

James Conley answers:

My husband does appliance repair for a living and I asked him for you. Without knowing the brand of the machine, he guessed that the timing is bad. Usually, the part runs around $70 and the labor could cost anywhere from $135 to $160 depending on how nice your guy was 🙂 so I’d guess about $220 at least to fix it. A service call normally runs about $75 if you decide not to have it fixed after the guy comes out to look at it. Personally, I’d say buy a new machine. Good luck!

John asks…

How to unclog incoming water supply on a dishwasher?

I have lots of sediment in my hot water — I have removed most aerators on my faucets to improve water flow, but did not on the dishwasher and now have almost zero water flow in (this is not a drainage problem, but an incoming water flow problem). GE Monogram — GE repair wanted to charge $374…I said no thanks. Any help appreciated — thank you! By the way, my ice maker on my Subzero does not work anymore as well…I’m assuming the problem is related…

James Conley answers:

Most likely they are related. Do not call manufacturer for help, call your local appliance person in your area ( much cheaper) For I/M get a filter. If no place for a filter you can get an in-line filter which is external and the same price. Gotta change them regularly. If the Subzero is under warranty (they have a great warranty better than any other comp. That is US based) call them. You will need serial # off the refer. With Subzero, because they are US made you can kinda fudge at what you tell them, like its is their problem and you may get free help. I work for an appliance service provider in AZ and I do all the e-filing for our Subzero and Whirlpool contracts. I could not imagine your water is as bad as here. If it is a major water prob. Have water tested for impurities. Hope that helped!! My comp. Can always offer advice to you if you need it, like phone #s etc.

Michael asks…

How much does it normally cost to get your washing machine fixed?

My washing machine is _relatively_ new and the spin dry on it is playing up (doesn’t spin cycle) and I can’t put the pipe upright because the water won’t come out that way unless it’s downward, but does anyone have any personal experiences with getting your washing machine fixed and how much was quoted?

James Conley answers:

Not knowing what could possibly be wrong with your machine and the pay scale for appliance repair-people in your area are an educated guess would be impossible. In my area a repair-person usually have a service charge of $45 and that’s just for showing up.
If you have a Whirlpool or Kenmore top load washer the problem could be a defective or out of position lid safety switch. Something that would be fairly easy for someone with a little mechanical ability to fix. “Do you know someone like that?” Here is a site showing the repair procedure: Good Luck

Additional: Add more details, Make, model, top or front load, symptoms, etc.

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