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Your Questions About Appliance Repair Service

Michael asks…

How can I promote Gary’s Appliance Repairs (416) 738-5484 in the Greater Toronto Area?

Gary’s Appliance Repairs has been providing excellence in the service of major appliance repair in the Greater Toronto Area (Canada) for over 20 years and I wish to promote their excellence in service.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

James Conley answers:

It’s a free canadian classifieds site. The site even has a section for appliances.It is helping lots of small businesses already
Good luck with your advertsing endeavors

Donna asks…

legal qualifications for domestic appliance repair service UK?

Hello, i am struggling to find any clear information on which qualifications are legally required for domestic appliance repair as a business. or do i just need insurance as i have the skills but don’t have a certificate. thanks.

James Conley answers:

Public Liabiltiy Insurance should be enough.

Mandy asks…

Who can repair a 1930s Wedgewood stove in the Chicago area?

We have an old Wedgewood stove that is a beauty but needs service. The appliance repair shops in the yellow pages won’t touch this old Wedgewood. Does anyone know of a specialist or old-timer near Chicago who can service a Wedgewood?
One of the two ovens will not light. The stove is working beautifully in all other respects.

James Conley answers:

Where in the Chicago area are you?

Most likely cause is a clogged gas line or aereator for the non-working oven. Carefully cleaning gas outlets may work. If not, disassembly and cleaning of non-working lines may be needed. Might also try to identify any gas line screens for debreis.

Email me with more specifics.

Good luck.

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