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Your Questions About Amana Refrigerator Repair

Mark asks…

What could be wrong with our Amana refrigerator?

Our Amana refrigerator seems to be defrosting on it’s own while on the highest setting and when you open the door, the facing is hot to the touch.

James Conley answers:

Sounds like the defroster “heater” is bad. There is a small “heater” in the wall of the refrig that senses the frost build up on the evap coil and this heater keeps the coil from “icing” up when this heater go’s the unit keeps going into “defrost because as soon as the unit exits defrost the heater thinks it iced up again. Not only is this bad for the compressor it is VERY expensive, About 75 cents to defrost one time. Multiply that by 5–6 time a day times 30 days= $.. It’s not a big deal to fix, most repair men have one in stock. It’s “defrosting” so that eliminates the timer..The hot facing is the cabinet heater that comes on to stop outside condensation wile defrosting.. Nornmal…Goog luck

Sandra asks…

Refrigerator not getting cold. Does this happen often after 10 years?

I have a Amana refrigerator Model DRS2660BC that was purchased in 2003. Lately it has not been getting cold enough. I am assuming this might be the normal life expectancy of a refrigerator. I doubt any warranty lasts longer than 10 years. Does anybody have a “quick fix” idea or should I start shopping?
The motor runs almost non-stop but both the freezer and refrigerator are defrosting despite being set to full cold. The air coming out is not warm but not cold enough to keep everything from thawing. Going to try cleaning the coils as some have suggested. It also didn’t happen slowly as my original question appears. Yesterday it was fine, today the ice was melting on the floor. Thanks. (I’ll keep reading responses to see if there are any other ideas).

James Conley answers:

You describe symptoms of ‘loss of refrigerant’.
No refrigerators normally last a lot longer than 10 years
and Amana is a good brand.
It’s service call time.
The leak needs to be found and repaired and the refrigerant re-charged.

Ken asks…

Should a 6 yr old Amana refrigerator already need a new compressor?

It’s a side by side and both stopped cooling. Repair or replace?
Was told a new refrigerator would be more practical than replace compressor. Installed new relay, but unit would still not stay on. Is there a better way to determine if compressor goes bad?

James Conley answers:


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