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Your Questions About Amana Refrigerator Repair Help

Charles asks…

Why is my Amana refrigerator freezer section not cooling? Model ARB8057CW?

On Sunday, the freezer portion of My Amana ARB8057CW suddenly stopped cooling. This is a fridge where the freezer is on the bottom (like a drawer). A day or so later, the refrigerator stopped cooling as well.

The lights work, the motor is running, everything else seems to be working but it’s not cooling. Did someone hit a switch or something and screw something up? Is this a common problem?

We already checked the temperature, that’s not it. We cleaned the condenser tray… turned it off for a couple of days. All of the refrigerator repair places are all booked up for Thanksgiving repairs. Help!

James Conley answers:

Refrigerators use refrigerant much like A/C units do. If the refrigerant leaks your fridge will not work.
My daughter inadvertantly caused a leak when cleaning her freezer. She did this while cleaning the radiator type panels. Call a repairman to see if you have a leak. It sounds like that.

Thomas asks…

The ice will not dispense on the door unit of my Amana refrigerator. The ice is made, but won’t come out.?

I push the lever (is that what you call it?) and nothing happens.

James Conley answers:

When you press the lever to dispense ice it operates a micro-switch which sends electrical current to a motor which in turn turns an auger that feeds the ice. I was going to make suggestions, but I searched and found this site that pretty much covers what I was going to suggest. Http:// Good Luck

John asks…

how much R134a do I need for my Amana refrigerator Model: SRD522SIT W?

I have this old Amana refrigerator, which worked excellently. But recently its compressor Tacoma 1390 went dead.

Model: SRD522SIT W

It just needs to refill the freon.
But I don’t know how much. Since this refrigerator is not anymore in US, I have no way of calling technician for service. If anyone can tell me how to find or how much R134a is needed to refill the compressor, that would be great.

James Conley answers:

I get lots of calls from people thinking there refrigerator needs refrigerant (I will call it refrigerant we have been informed that it isn’t freon lol) and more often than not they are wrong. It isn’t common for a refrigerator to leak out refrigerant but it does happen sometimes.

Assuming you are correct and it does need refrigerant this job is best if done by a professional because most people do not have to equipment to correctly charge a system.

But to answer your question there is a tag on the refrigerator that has the amount of refrigerant that the system holds wrote on it. This is typically on the same tag as the model number. The very best way to charge a refrigerator is to weigh/measure it. Assuming the system is completely empty, what the tag says is the exact amount you put in the system. A refrigerator will typically only hold 6-10oz so if you are off by merely an ounce it can be bad. This is why it is not good to charge a refrigerator by going by pressure because unless you are very good you cannot be accurate enough.

Note that if the refrigerator isn’t completely out of refrigerant you will have to recover what is left of the gas before charging it.

Also charging the system will only buy you time because unless you repair the leak you will be back in the same boat again in a few months.

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