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Your Questions About Amana Refrigerator Repair Help

Betty asks…

What caused my defrost heater in my Amana side by side to short out and melt everything?

I am looking for what could have caused the defrost heater in my Amana side by side refrigerator to short out and stay on. It melted the door and the trays and partially cooked food that was inside. I did notice my coffee pot quit keeping time correctly as well. Could a power surge or possibly lightning have caused these things to happen. My insurance company wants to know what caused it and the repair guy could only say it shorted and didn’t know why???? Please help! Thanks

James Conley answers:

There could had been a power surge and seems to me it’s a huge voltage supply that triggered this. The heaters in your amana apparently cannot create such burn out melting down the doors and tray in an instant. It also has relays that trips whenever the right heat is attained. My assessment is that it was caused by a lightning struck. Too much voltage fluctuations can also be caused by lightning hitting the entrance cables of the house making the supply voltages to a thousand volts in such a short time. Some houses are even burned down if the appliances explodes. This is the reason why some houses are equipped with lightning arresters to protect their appliances from total burn out.

Thomas asks…

Why is my refrigerator leaking?

This is a frost free refrigerator and it keeps everything cold as it should including its freezer. The problem I have is that the top of the refrigerated section leaks water from a hole located there. What happens is that when the water accumulates enough, it will drip. It occurs every single day. The freezer is on top of that. We have placed a pie plate on the shelf to collect the water that drips. Would this be something worth repairing or do you think it’s just time to buy a new one? The appliance is at least 7 years of age and is an Amana.

By the way, we try to keep the bottom of the appliance clean. If you know what is wrong with it, please share if you can. Thanks.

James Conley answers:

If it is maintaining temps and the door seal is sealing properly,The problem is the drain is clogged up. Would need the model # to tell you where the drain is. On side by sides in the fresh food side look along the botttom back wall for a hole about 1/2″ in dia on. On top freezer models the drain is behind the back panel. You can use a wire or a turkey baster to clear out the drain. After cleaning mix water and baking soda 50-50 and run some down the drain tube to prevent future problems. The drain tube runs to the bottom of the fridge to a drain pan. Sometimes the tube runs down the back of the fridge to the drain pan. Here is a link that should help

Jenny asks…

should I repair or replace my 9 and 1/2 year old Amana side by side refrigerator?

It has a problem with the ice in the ice maker overflowing, plus a build up of a sheet of ice behind the ice maker. I defrost it and get rid of the sheet of excessive ice on the panel behind the ice maker, then it just builds up again in a week or two. Plus the ice dispenser never worked properly. We would have to open the freezer and dig out the ice cubes from the ice tub ourselves. The ice auger would freeze up and not dispense the ice through the door.

Also the gaskets on the doors need replacing.

I am not sure what the energy use is / But since it is almost 10 years old I figure the energy use on a newer model must be somewhat better? IDK?

I paid around 1,200 for it in Dec 2002. I figure I could get another side by side refrigerator at a scratch and dent place for maybe 600 dollars or so? Plus taxes and installation would bring it somewhere in the 800 to 900 range?

What is the life of these side by side refrigerators anyway? Is 10 plus years about time to start thinking about getting a new one. Or should I try to squeeze a few more years out of it and maybe get it repaired? Thanks.!

James Conley answers:

Yup because you refrigerator is not in its same condition… You might not get the same re freshness and Good feeling lol as in taste of products 🙂

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