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Your Questions About Amana Refrigerator Repair Help

Robert asks…

Amana refrigerator not working.?

I have an Amana side by side fridge with front water/ice dispenser model asd2620hrb. A while back we came home to discover the items in the freezer were melting. We thought it might be that the door was left open a crack but then it turned out the freezer/fridge no longer cool. The lights still work and the fan inside works but it does not blow cold air. The fan at the back of the fridge also blows air. I can’t find the coils on it try and clean them. When I turn the thermostat it makes a little bit of a ticking sound. I haven’t had anyone out to look at it as we cannot afford to pay for repairs or a new fridge. Any thoughts on what it might be? Doing some research I think it my be the thermostat but I’m not the best when it comes to these things.

James Conley answers:

Best guess is that it is low on refrigerant (freon) and won’t let the compressor kick on to cool the air. AC/ Ref man can recharge it. ….another possibility is that the door gasket is bad and won’t seal….Again .. AC/Ref tech can fix it.


Joseph asks…

My Amana side-by-side fridge is acting weird!!!?

I am asking this question for my son & dil. They have an Amana side-by-side refrigerator that stops cooling then it starts back to cooling again. Weird!!! The freezer part has not worked good for about a year now, but sometimes it will freeze ice and sometimes it won’t, so it is kind of on and off. Now the other day the fridge side stopped cooling. They moved all of their food to coolers and bought ice to put on everything. Was sure they were going to have to buy another refrigerator, but low and behond the next morning it started cooling again. Does this sound like possibly a thermostat problem or could it be something else??? If someone could please help that would be great!!!

James Conley answers:

It could be the thermostat or the timer. When the timer kicks in for the freezer to defrost it may get stuck.The best thing they can do is replace it if it is more than 10 years old. Modern Energy Star appliances use much less electricity, and some utility ( and state governments) still have some money available to homeowners that upgrade to new appliances. If it is less than 10 years old I would call a service company because you can’t count on being home the next time one side or the other stops working. The money in bad food would be offset by calling for a repair now.

Betty asks…

How can I fix my Amana Refrigerator? ?

I have an Amana fridge that is not cooling properly. It stays below freezing in the freezer only on the coldest setting and the fridge part keeps things barely cool. I can not even possibly have a repair man come out here as I live WAY out in the bush (meaning 2 hrs from most appliance repair places) I need to get this fixed and don’t know where to start. Please be courteous with your answers. Thanks
It is a freezer on top model and I have already cleaned the coils under the fridge. Thanks

James Conley answers:

If your freezer is still cold then the defrost heater is not staying on. Most likely your fan in the freezer is not working or defrost system is not working. If you open the freezer and hear a fan on with the compressor running, then your fan is ok. If the compressor is running and no fan noise, then you need to get a new fan. If the fan is running then most likely you have a defrost problem. For the time being, just unplugged the unit and remove the back wall of the freezer section. With the back cover removed look at the evap coils. If they are covered in frost then your defrost heater is not coming on. You can take a hair dryer and defrost the coils or leave the unit unplugged with the doors open for 24 hours. If you do have frost built up then there is a problem with the bimetal switch, heater, or defrost timer. Good luck, hope this helps

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