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Your Questions About Amana Refrigerator Repair Help

Donald asks…

Refrigerator/freezer- FRIGE ISNT working, Freezer is! Help?

FIRST- I KNOW, its the wrong section! But i need help && no one is answering in the repair section=/ HELP=

So i have a “Amanarefrigerator. Its probably 7 years old or so. Looks a bit like this –

The freezer side IS working, The lights on both sides are working, & the side blower in the refrigerator is working, But not the main fan thing in the back for the refrigerator. All my food in there is spent! And of course we just went shopping, So it was a waste of money. We cant buy a new one, What could the problem be? & How do i fix it? Thanks!!

James Conley answers:

.. Not the right section O_o

Laura asks…

Freezer works refrigerator doesn’t, Amana?


James Conley answers:

A repair will run about 75% of replacement cost. Best to purchase a new one with all the new energy savings features and toss the old one.

James asks…

I have a Amana Frige and it has a Ice machine in the freezer and for some odd reaseon it stop makeing Ice…..

it had stop for a few weeks what do i do?

James Conley answers:

You should probably call a refrigerator repair service to fix it for you. Otherwise, just use an ice try to make ice

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