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Your Questions About Amana Refrigerator Repair

James asks…

Refrigerator does not produce cold, why?

My frig Amana produces cold in the freezer only. What can I do to spread the cold in other places? A good thing is that the weather is cold now in February. So, I temporarily keep my stuff outside in the balcony. Is there a way I can fix this problem myself? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

James Conley answers:

Ok, Im assuming you have a side by side model Amana. A very common problem with these models is the evaporator fan, or freezer fan, stops blowing the air from the freezer to the fridge and back to the freezer again. You will have cold temps at the bottom of both sides, but the top halves of both sides will be warm. Additionally, your icemaker may stop producing ice, and you possibly may also no longer be able to get water out your door dispenser.
The fan itself is likely ok, though they do go bad, but the likely culprit will be a very small defrost termination limit control. If you consider yourself very handy, you can locate this part by removing all food in your freezer only, removing the lower half of the back wall, and exposing the evaporator coil, the fan, and lots of wires. The evaporator will likely have an abundance of frost at the top half, barely any in the middle, and a very little bit at the bottom. If this is what you are pretty much experiencing and seeing, continue reading, otherwise you should call a reputable repairman.

After melting all the frost on the evaporator, disconnect the wires from the fan motor, and test continuity through the transformer of the motor. If that tests good, reconnect the two wires and locate the two, thick rubber coated black wires coming from the left side of the top of the evaporator, these are the ends of the defrost heater. Disconnect these from the two junctions, and test the heater, the two black wires, for continuity, if that tests good, reconnect the two black wires, it doesnt matter which end plugs into which junction, its an A/C cicuit. Since both of these have tested good, your problem is your termination limit control, which is the very small control clipped to the top right side of the evaporator coil. This control has brown and orange wires coming out of it, one going to the heater, the other to the fan.

Call your local appliance parts store, give them the info they need and your good to go.

Again, if the symptoms, both temperature and physical, ie frost pattern, are as described above, im 110% sure this is your problem.

If not, call a reputable repair technician and have it checked out

Betty asks…

Freezer isn’t working- how can I fix quickly?!?

I have an Amana refrigerator with the bottom pullout freezer. Last night my ice cube maker stopped making ice so I just thought that there was something wrong with just that but then a little bit ago I opened my freezer and found that all of my frozen food has thawed out. Has this happened to anyone else? what did you do? Is there anything that I can do to just fix it myself? Or am I going to have to have someone come in and fix it?

James Conley answers:

1. Check the fridge controls. Maybe someone bumped them and shut it off or turned it way down.
2. Check that the outlet has power. Unplug the fridge and plug in whatever appliance at hand that you can easily verify it works with power.
3. If those don’t work, consider buying a new fridge especially if it was old or you didn’t like it.
4. If the fridge is not old (less than 15 years) and you like it, you could call an appliance repairman to identify the exact problem and estimate how much it is to fix. However, most refrigerator failures tend to be expensive to repair—over $300, so in many cases it is best to skip the service call (>$150) and apply that expense to a new fridge.

Helen asks…

What is the best brand and model of refrigerator to buy? ?


James Conley answers:

If no one else answers this, let me suggest Consumer Reports. They test/report on these quite a lot. I took a quick look at an older report: no one brand sticks out. For midsize, top freezer: A $650 Hotpoint model is a “Best Buy”, but a $700 Hotpoint model was at the bottom of the list. But for a large bottom freezer, the $950 Amana was the ‘best buy.’ The model numbers from this report are by now meaningless.

Personally: Stick to top freezer: anything else is several hundred more. You can add an icemaker yourself with use of a $100 +/- kit. (I’ve replaced the icemaker on our fridge three times) Look at ‘scratch/dent’.

As far as “Repair History,” Consumer Reports lists Maytag and Sub-zero are toward the bottom, Whirlpool toward the top. Side/side and bottom freezers seem more problematic.

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