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Your Questions About Amana Refrigerator Repair

Linda asks…

how do i clean the coils on my refrigerator?

My fridge is plugged in, the motor is running but it’s not getting cold. I want to try cleaning the coils before paying for a repair technician to fix it. The model is an Amana and is 3 years old. Can someone tell me how to clean the coils?

James Conley answers:

Here is a link about cleaning the coils–which may or may not be part of your cooling problem. Cleaning the coils is important, but not the only cause for cooling problems.

You said it is not getting cold. You don’t say whether there is cold air in the freezer, but not in the refrigerator or both compartments (freezer and refrigerator) are not cold. If the freezer is cold but the refrigerator is warm, it is probably a defrost problem.

Laura asks…

why has my refrigerator warmed up lately?

It seems like nothing is cold in my refer. There is a little frost developing in the freezer of late, and it is very cold. My thermostat in the fridge is turned up all the way. It is an Amana, about nine years old. Anybody got any Ideas?

James Conley answers:

Yup!, This happened to me and I felt stupid when the repair guy came.

There is a drip tray, underneath the fridge. You will need to slide it out from the wall.
(the tray is usually at the front, mine is at the back). I didn’t know it was there and it was leaking over. THis caused my fridge not to cool as well for some reason, but as soon as he emptied it. It worked again.

Good luck.

Sandy asks…

My 9 year old Amana side by side refrigerator stopped running last night.?

If it’s the compressor, is it worth it to repair it or should I start shopping for a new one?
It ran very loudly for about the past month. Now, no sound, no cooling, no fan. Sorry, I’m not well versed with appliances, so I’m not sure exactly what to describe. Hope this helps. Thanks!

James Conley answers:

I need more information. What stopped running, Is the compressor stopped. Or is a fan stopped or is it just not cooling? If it is the compressor it could be the relay & overload. I would go to and put in model number and look up the compressor it could be listed as 1 part. Replace that. If the unit does not come back on you need a new fridge. To replace a compressor is between 1200 to 1500 depending on the company doing the repair.

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