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Your Questions About Amana Refrigerator Repair

Robert asks…

What caused my defrost heater in my Amana side by side to short out and melt everything?

I am looking for what could have caused the defrost heater in my Amana side by side refrigerator to short out and stay on. It melted the door and the trays and partially cooked food that was inside. I did notice my coffee pot quit keeping time correctly as well. Could a power surge or possibly lightning have caused these things to happen. My insurance company wants to know what caused it and the repair guy could only say it shorted and didn’t know why???? Please help! Thanks

James Conley answers:

When your fridge goes into defrost mode, the heater is controlled by a timer and a limit switch. The timer energizes the heater through the limit switch. The limit switch is basically a thermostat, it’s supposed to turn the heating element off when a certain temperature is reached. Unfortunately, your limit switch failed.
It may have been caused by a power surge, but it’s difficult to say, a forensic electrical engineer (yes, they’re is such a profession) might be able to determine it, but the fee would probably be close to the cost of a new fridge.

Steven asks…

My friend recently bought a new Amana refrigerator for her mountain cabin?

While she was away from the cabin there was a power outage. When she returned 2 weeks later the refrigerator was off and all the food spoiled. The repair man told her that this appliance had a reset button on it and after a power outage it has to be reset. Can this be true? What a dumb feature to have on a refrigerator in any location but especially the mountains where there are more storms and people aren’t always in residence.
My friend tells me that it has something to do with the controls being digitable

James Conley answers:

I’ve never seen a reset button on a refrigerator, but I guess some may have them. Is your friend sure it isn’t a like the reset button on a garbage disposal? The ones on garbage disposals are actually circuit breakers that open when the disposal gets stuck and draws too much current. The power outage could have been caused by a surge that tripped the breaker. In that case, the reset button may well have saved your friend from having to buy a new refrigerator instead of just replacing some spoiled food. The food would have still spoiled. But removing food from the fridge when you are going to be gone for a couple of weeks or longer is a good idea.

George asks…

What should I do about a refrigerator that works sporadically?

I have a 7 year old Amana (freezer on the bottom) refrigerator that started making noise as it clicked on and off… until it stopped working altogether. A repair man replaced a “3 in 1 relay start/run”. It worked for 5 days, stopped, rested, then worked for another 5 days. This has been the pattern.
The original repairman said we should get a new refrigerator. Someone else suggested that the cause might be a bad thermostat. Any ideas?

James Conley answers:

I would get a third opinion

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