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Your Questions About Amana Appliance Repair

Mary asks…

Repair or replace 7 year old fridge?

I have a 7 year old Fridgidaire side by side fridge/freezer. As of today, both units have stopped working, and are warm. Should I even bother with a service call charge, and maybe $300+ repair, or just buy a new fridge? Thanks!
Extra details:

Sounds like compressor isn’t on, but its not clicking either.
Lights and other electric functions are working ok.

James Conley answers:

The life expectancy of a side-by-side is 14 years. Http:// Yours should have lasted longer.

We bought an Amana side-by-side in 1975 from Montgomery Wards (remember them?). The only problem we ever had was the defroster heating element broke. The evaporator coils iced up and restricted the movement of cold air. I replaced the heating element myself. It was still working when we sold our old home last year! They don’t build them like that anymore – damn!!!

Repair? You are at the mercy of the repair tech. They know you know nothing about repairing appliances. Some are dishonest and have been caught ripping off customers (on undercover news reporting). So, the real question is, can you trust the repair tech to give you an honest estimate? It will probably cost you $80 for the service call to check it out. Could be something as simple as the defroster motor (shuts off compressor during the defrost cycle), compressor control relay. I really doubt it’s the compressor on such a young unit.

The cost of a new side-by-side can run between $1200-$2500 depending upon what you want to pay.

Robert asks…

Have an old Amana fridge; can’t find a user guide; can’t get the temps right, especially in the freezer. HELP

James Conley answers:

This site:, is amazing. They have most appliance replacement parts and a very extensive “Repair Help” section.

You may need a new thermostat or temperature control. More than likely if you do, these guys will have it.

Best of luck!

Linda asks…

how much does it cost to fix a microwave oven?

James Conley answers:

An Appliance store that has a Repair Service with it usually charges a standard rate of between $50-$85hr bench time. Then there is the Part, so maybe $100 to have a Repair Shop fix one.
As was stated, a Microwave can now be bought new, with warranty for less than that.
Is kinda crazy, I remember my dad bought one for my mom back in the 1970s, it was an Amana Radar Range and cost over a thousand dollars.
Today people give them away or they can be found in thrift stores for $10-15 , new they are $70-$550 depending on the wattage.

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