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Your Questions About Amana Appliance Repair

Charles asks…

What happened to my refridgerator?

I put a new Supco 3 n’1 Relay in my 13 year old Amana refridge. It went right on and started to work. I went out for a while and when I came back it was not working. When I plug it in I hear a very quiet click coming for the bottom.

James Conley answers:

Sounds like you have a bad defrost timer. Could possibly be the starter on the compressor as well.

Remove your timer and take it to an appliance repair shop. They can test it for you, and since you will be bringing the part in, they shouldn’t charge you for a service call. (If they’re in a good mood, they may even test it for free.)

(I like Amana! Even at 13 yo it’s probably worth saving! A defrost timer will cost between $12 and $30.)

Laura asks…

I have an amana dryer and need the wiring diagram for a new timer. Its not on the dryer or the timer or the i

the dryer timer will not shut off by itself looked everywhere for wiring diagram to make sure its wired correctly

James Conley answers:

A lot of times you have to remove the main access panel or the control panel access to find the schematic. If that fails, try a used appliance shop or appliance repair shop.

Joseph asks…

What microwave do you use? Is it efficient? What are the good and the bad about it? Do u recommend it?

James Conley answers:

Darlin – I was the parts procurement person at our local Sears Appliance Service for 11 years. I saw many different brands come and go. When it comes to performance and longevity in an appliance – you can’t beat a Whirlpool. They don’t overbuild their product and it is built to last. Whirlpool’s can cost an arm and a leg – but they build under the Kenmore name as well. (Model number often begins 106, but they have other prefixes in the kitchen section.) Under the Kenmore name, you get the same quality for much less price.

Next is GE. They last forever – but they are always WAY overbuilt. A repair that might be $50.00 on a Whirlpool will be $150.00 on a GE because you have to buy so many parts to get the same repair. GE also builds for Kenmore – and their model numbers begin 363 and 364)

Next I would go Sony, Sanyo, and Philips. They are durable and long lasting. (I think Sanyo has the 454 prefix… I’ve forgotten…) Again, they make Kenmore too.

I avoid Goldstar and Emerson like the plague. They operate well in the short run, then POOF! Busted. Amana too. Bleck.

Hitachi makes an excellent product too – but you don’t often see them in microwaves. So does Maytag. Since Whirlpool bought them, I’m sure their microwaves would be dazzling performers.

First – get the largest dish you will ever want to put into your microwave – at, say, Thanksgiving… Measure length, width and height. This will give you an idea of how much internal cubic feet you need. I prefer 1.5 cft.

Then measure the space you want it to go in your kitchen. Will it be on a cart? You can buy as large as you want. Under a cabinet? You’re limited.

I love the carousel versions. It turns the food so the radiation can cook evenly. Remember – you’re not dealing with heat – your dealing with microwaves. I had a lot of folks bring melted microwaves in because they tried to cook a potato wrapped in aluminum foil.

Then – do you want a lot of features, or are you a “just hit the minutes and go – forget the cooking frequency” type? I hate all the various settings, so I go as simple on the panel as possible.

I have a Kenmore by Whirlpool and will never go back. The company (Whirlpool) bends over backwards to make sure their customers are taken care of, even thru Sears.

Unfortunately, when shopping for Kenmore at Sears, not all sales people know the difference between model number and stock number – so ask them to look up the “source code” in their book to tell you who made it.

Nearly every manufacturer on the planet makes products under their name – and under a Sears name… So if you like a name brand for something – check the Kenmores. You could save a lot of money.

JCPenny contracts with Amana, Frigidare, (the folks who used to be) Royal, Goldstar, etc. Kmart’s were fairly bottom of the line mnufacturers, but with our merger – may have even better prices on the good stuff.

I will say this – WARRANTY, WARRANTY, WARRANTY! Whether you go to Lowes, Sears, Walmart, Target – or whoever… Compare available existing warranties and extended warranties. When they tell you it has a 90 day warranty – it is not well made. If the manufacturer gives a year or more – it IS well made. An extended warranty can give you additional rights and service above and beyond the manufacturer – so it is a good investment.

Check ’em out everywhere – and good luck. Write down what you find – and if two places have the same item for different prices, check to see if the folks with the better service have a price matching policy. You could save additional money.

Peace hon.

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