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Your Questions About Amana Appliance Repair

Thomas asks…

I have an Amana heavy duty washer that will not go thru wash cycle it goes straight to spin cycle.?

Is there a certain part I need to buy to fix the problem ? Washer is 6 yrs old

James Conley answers:

Timer. Yours is screwed Washing is timed operations . It will behind the control panel. Looks like a brown stick of plastic about 6 inches long and it has wires coming out of it. Disconnect that part and make a sketch of what wire went where and take the stick to the appliance repair shop. It sometimes has a coding stamped on it and sometimes it is an “eyeball matching” to give you the identical unit. About $60. You own it now as no returns on electrical components so you better be sure.
Hook it up and it should work.

Daniel asks…

Where can I sell a broken fridge?

I bought a fridge on Craigslist and turns out it didnt work, my stupidity I know, but does anyone know as to where one might want to buy used or scrap or repair appliances as like my fridge? Its a Amana Side by side fridge. I just want to get like 50 bucks for it I paid $100 anythings better than nothing.. Thanks

James Conley answers:

Put it back on craigslist

take to scrap yard

bargain box in the news paper

Lisa asks…

the drum on my 15 year old Heavy duty Amana dryer is turning slower than it should.?

We are guessing that it has a wore out or a stretched belt. It seems to be running o.k. No screeching so we don’t think it’s a bearing. Have you ever changed a belt in a dryer? Is it difficult? It’s too old to have a professional fix it. Advice?
It is a model #LE1100W
We got the top off and checked the belt; it doesn’t look bad or feel bad. Now what??

James Conley answers:

Older appliances are worth repairing. That is why it made it to it’s 15th year. Give me a model and I will give you help.

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