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Your Questions About Amana Appliance Repair

Charles asks…

1 burner of our Amana smoothtop range is not working. Can it be repaired/replaced? How to troubleshoot?

James Conley answers:

Yes. Usually just a heating element…call an appliance tech,they can fix it…

Laura asks…

I have an Amana electric stove, oven works great but all of the burners will not heat up, any thoughts?

Everything has been working fine, the burners just suddenly stopped. I lifted up the top and jiggled a few wires, it worked for 10 minutes then stopped again. I was a little hesitant to do much more since it is wired for 220.

James Conley answers:

You have a loose connection or burnt wire. Loose connections can start fires. One leg of the 220 is not connecting. Unplug the range and check all the wires or get an appliance repair tech. Good luck.

Carol asks…

Can you help me with my dryer?

I have a Amana model LEA60AW and I can hear the timer running, but the lower part will not start. It was drying this morning, but then just stopped. Now it will not start the drying part, except you can hear the timer run.

This happened before and then just started working again.

James Conley answers:

You could have several different issues going on here. First, check your door switch. Is the little tab broken or if you press it, does it feel loose or broken internally? If so then the dryer won’t work unless the door switch is working properly. The belt may be broken. Try moving the drum by hand about a 1/4 turn, close the door and try to start it back up. If it starts then you may have a winding on the motor going bad. The start button may be bad though that is about as unlikely as the timer being bad. On many dryer models the small motor that moves the timer runs independently from the rest of the dryer, meaning that the timer will run even when nothing else is moving. If you aren’t handy with repairing things then simply call your local appliance repairman. If it’s a switch or belt, he’ll have them on his truck and can have you back up and running in about 1/2 an hour or so.

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