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Your Questions About Amana Appliance Repair

Carol asks…

Is it worth buying a portable dishwasher for $400-600 for a GE or Maytag?

I’ve been eyeing on a portable dishwasher from Home Depot for about $400-600. I’ve looked on used ones, but delivery is always a problem. Mightest well get one from Home Depot for easier delivery I think. Tell me…Is it worth chucking out that much money for a portable dishwasher?

James Conley answers:

I have a newer Maytag (built in) and I hate it with a passion. The damn thing has never worked right and gets the dishes clean on a consistent basis.

Part of the problem is that there are really only 3 “American” manufacturers. Whirlpool, who owns Amana, Maytag, Whirlpool, Hotpoint and some other small brands. Frigidaire is owned by Electrolux and then GE. Samsung and LG have become terribly popular in the appliance market but service is not available in all areas if you have an issue.

I don’t buy appliances from places like Home Depot, Lowe’s or Best Buy. I go to the small appliance dealer who I have dealt with for almost 30 years. He as always treated me wonderfully, been right there with service if I need it and goes above and beyond to keep me happy as a customer. In the almost 30 years, I have only paid for 2 service calls; he knows I am mechanically inclined and tells me how to fix the little things myself. But if I need service, they are right here.

Yeah, it costs a few dollars more at purchase, but knowing you have a real service person behind your purchase is worth a lot more than money. It’s called peace of mind. None of the big box stores (other than Sears) have their own service departments and you would be referred to the manufacturer and the service people they have selected in your area, if there is one.

Friends bought a high end LG stove from Best Buy. A few months down the road, the burners start shutting off whenever. Come to find out, no authorized LG service people withing 1 1/2 hours one way. LG won’t pay the service center the time and mileage so they won’t come. Friend ended up paying the time and mileage out of his pocket, LG paid for the repairs and he’s trying to collect from LG.

And truthfully, the only difference between portable and built in dishwashers is the hook up and the fact that they have wheels and a “cabinet”. And if you do move into a home that you can install it in as a built in later, you just remove the wheels and the cabinet. We did that when we first moved into this home.

Make sure you get the proper faucet adapter for the one you purchase. There is a piece that screws on the faucet that has a ridge so the connector can correctly grab it. Then you don’t have a lot of leak issues. And make sure the sink is empty when running the unit.

Richard asks…

I have a Amana dryer model LEA50AW that makes a noise?

I have a Amana dryer model LEA50AW that makes a squacking ( scrapping) like niose only when i start it up first. After a couple minutes it stops. IS it by chance the belt that needs replacing and anyone know where the cheapest place to buy if so. Thank so much

James Conley answers:

Possibly. Might check and see if your dryer is still under warranty. Then follow those instructions.

Anytime I need an appliance repair, I always try to find a local repair shop. The big box stores have certain processes you need to abide by, and then they will tell you they will show up between 8 a.m. And noon. With a local business, you get much better customer service.

Sandy asks…

can anyone help me find a control panel for my amana stove model # agr5835qdw?

i have a stove w/model # agr5835qdw .my control panel ribbons were chewed up by
a mouse.(figure that) i only need the control panel where as maytag wants me to
buy both pieces part # 74009104 i do need the back piece only the front
piece…where can i only get the top control panel…..they want 146.00 for
something i do not need please help…

James Conley answers: is what I used to use before I started an appliance repair business.

I can get wholesale prices if you interested email me

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