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Appliance Repair Pros Atlanta has more than 15 years of Ice Maker Repair in the Atlanta, Georga and surrounding locations. We service all brands of ice makers and have a reputation of having the most seasoned professionals in the industry. Our award-winning experienced repair specialists hold an extensive stock of parts that will make any repair of your ice maker quick and simple.

Before you get in touch with a service or repair business, perhaps you must read the post below on fixing tips for your ice making machine. It might help you in fixing an easy issue before calling a professional specialist to resolve your freezer issue.

Icemaker Repair Atlanta GA

Ice Maker Repair Service Atlanta

“The three most popular styles of ice makers available in the market are flex-tray, modular and compact. The flex-tray style ice generator applies a twisting force to free the ice from the plastic tray. The modular and compact style ice machines are quite similar in operation. They use an electric heater and a metal ice mold to loosen the ice.

Ice Makers: Tips for Troubleshooting

Proper maintenance and cleaning can help commercial ice makers last for a long time. However, overuse, manhandling and lack of proper care cause breakdown of these devices, as does the normal wear and tear of the appliance over time. You need to call a professional technician if there is a serious problem with your machine. However, for minor issues, you can diagnose and fix the problem on your own. It is advisable to read through the instruction manual before you start repairing the machine.

Here are a few troubleshooting tips to get your ice makers working again:

No Ice Production

One of the most common reasons to hinder ice production is a problem with the supply line. The supplying line to the freezer often gets clogged, frozen or turned off. This can obstruct the passage of water. Inspect the tube properly and defrost the frozen areas to restore ice production. Some other problems include broken timing gear, defective water switch, defective module head, open water inlet valve and defective saddle valve.

Also, it may happen that your machine is unable to make ice despite sufficient water in the ice tray. Check the temperature of the freezer; it might not be cold enough. The temperature should be maintained below 17F.

Excess Ice Production

There are times when ice makers produce excess amounts of ice that pile over the sides of the ice bin. The overproduction of ice usually occurs due to a problem in the shutoff arm. The shutoff arm is a device that prevents the overflow of ice. The arm sticks out of the dispensing area of the machine. Check whether the arm has loosened from the switch; if necessary slide it back into place.

Unpleasant Odor or Taste

Also, you may notice that the ice produced by the machine tastes or smells different. Clean the ice bin and the interiors of the machine properly to improve the taste and odor of the ice. The unpleasant odor can also occur due to the usage of impure water. Replacing the filter or installing an in-line filter system can solve the problem.”

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