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Dryer Maintenance and Repair in Atlanta GA

Clothes Dryer Repair and Maintenance

Before you call Appliance Repair Pros Atlanta for repair, there are a couple of things you need to inspect to see if you can determine the problem with your dryer.

Dryer Repair Atlanta GA

Dryer Repair Service Atlanta

Is your dryer getting hotter than typical? Have a look at the lint filter. Clean it out, and start up the dryer and enable it to heat up again. If it is still getting too hot, then let it cool, disconnect it, and pull the dryer out from the wall. Check the vent hose for any lint accumulation. Make certain to clean it all out before reattaching the vent hose to your wall connection.

If you have an older vent hose made from plastic, you need to replace it with corregated metal vent hose. Plastic vents can trigger a fire if overheated.

Test the dryer out again by running it through another heat cycle. If it is still running too hot, then call us at 404-620-6933 you may have a heater element problem.

Other Symptoms with your dryer:

-If your dryer is making a loud thumping and/or squealing sound, you probably have to have the drum roller replaced.

Gas Dryer Repair work

When a gas dryer breaks down, there are different repair concerns.

  • Thermal Fuse
  • Igniter
  • Gas Coils
  • Clogged Vent

A complete diagnosis of your dryer will determine if the thermal fuse is running normally and if it is drawing enough amperage. If not, then this may be the problem of not getting heat or enough heat in your dryer.

When a dryer overheats, the safety fuse will trip. Often times the thermal fuse will trip when there are stopped up vents.

It’s is likewise possible that the vent hose is kinked and not permitting air to flow through properly, or there could be lint accumulation in the lint filter connection at the rear of the machine.

Signs of requiring an igniter replacement, usually include tumbling garments without heat, and extreme time drying and/or periodic heat.

Dryer Repair work Service

You have actually now considered all the possibilities, or you don’t understand how to do the repair yourself and have to call Appliance Repair Pros in Atlanta.

You will have to know the make and model number of your dryer. Generally the dryer model number tag is found inside the door on the frame. Some Maytag models have actually the tag found on the back of the top console. Write this number down, and give us a call at…404-620-6933


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