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Your Questions About Kitchen Appliance Repair Parts

Nancy asks… How long will it take for me to purchase a home after graduating from school need advice? I am soon graduating from veterinary school (in May) and I am hoping to purchase a home within the next three years so I won’t be throwing my money away with rent.The only problem is that […]

Your Questions About Stove Repair Service

Mark asks… can the small burner on my stove be fixed? I have a 2 year old electric Frigidaire stove. The front right burner is small or large — you can choose either. It’s two rings — the small one inside, and the large one outside. The small ring doesn’t heat up any more. So, […]

Your Questions About Hotpoint Refrigerator Repair

Donna asks… Ge Hotpoint Fridge Problems help :D? Okay, so our fridge isn’t working, and i’ve looked around online, and can’t seem to find even a hint of what might be wrong, i prefer not to call a repair company… Any way what it’s doing is, When plugged in, the front panel does not come […]