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Your Questions About Maytag Appliance Repair Parts

Nancy asks… The timer on my maytag #ewu384 dishwasher doesn’t advance. Is it the timer, the timer motor or something else? James Conley answers: Just replace the entire timer. Usually its sold as only 1 piece and can not be taken apart. Check parts sites. Or call a appliance repair guy. ~~link to parts for […]

Your Questions About Ge Refrigerator Repair Cost

Joseph asks… How much $$$ to fix GE refrigerator that intermittently stops cooling? Our 6-7 year old GE refrigerator sometimes will stop cooling, especially the freezer portion. We hear it running, but it is not getting cold enough. If we unplug it for several minutes and plug it back in, it will usually start working […]

Your Questions About Appliance Repair Service Charge

Ken asks… How to fix my Whirpool front load washing machine? It works fine on normal cycle but is accompanied by blinking lights. On heavy cycle it starts but stops right after getting the soap. We checked the hoses and they weren’t clogged. We also opened the top and took a look inside but everything […]