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Your Questions About Ge Refrigerator Repair

Donald asks… What is the difference between a power surge and an act of God? I have an extended warranty for my GE refrigerator. I call and had a repair man come out and he said that the circuit board and compressor were blown due to lighning. My warranty covers a power surge but no […]

Your Questions About Hotpoint Refrigerator Repair

Laura asks… Hotpoint side by side Model HSS25GFPJWW Icemaker / Water problems? I have a 4 yr refrigerator that makes ice, but when you push the ice dispenser the light dims and neither crushed or cube ice comes out.No water through the door either… Any idea as to what the problem would be? Thank you […]

Your Questions About Small Appliance Repair

Sandy asks… Where can I find good website templates? I have searched but I cannot tell whats a legit site for purchasing a template for making a website. Its for an appliance repair company. I would rather purchase a subscription for 50$ then buy a single template for 50. Let me know any specific websites […]