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Your Questions About Bosch Appliance Repair

Carol asks… Will a Bosch compact WTV76100 dryer dry a full load from a normal sized dryer in under an hour? I have a very narrow stairway to get to my basement and the Bosch WTV76100 is one of the only dryers that will fit. We currently have a full sized washer and I’m wondering […]

Your Questions About Stove Repair Service

Mark asks… My range just made a popping noise and shut down. what should i do? We turned everything off on the stove and flipped the breaker back on. it then flipped the master breaker and shut everything down. We turned the master breaker back on. Then we pulled the stove out and were going […]

Your Questions About Refrigerator Repair Los Angeles

David asks… Where i can find decent appliance company ? I want to find some good decent company to repair my washer,refrigerator and dryer.Any good company in Glendale,Pasadena,Burbank or Los Angeles area? Thank you. James Conley answers: I had a faulty element in my fan assisted oven which was replaced and guaranteed. The work was […]